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Transform your side hustle into an automated & profitable creative business

(While working 40 hour months. Seriously.)

Transform your side hustle into an automated & profitable creative business

(While working 40 hour months. Seriously.)

You’ve already got the skills and maybe you're clients rave about you, it takes more than that to have a profitable creative business.

It’s tempting to think in order to have a thriving creative business you have to improve your skills, but really there’s just more to it than that.

You’ve got to figure out:

  • exactly how much money you need to make to not only keep your business open, but grow
  • how to position your business amongst your competitors so your dream clients want to work with you instead of someone else
  • where exactly you can find these clients without working crazy hours trying to hustle
  • how to convert your clients with a super easy strategy
  • how to automate your business and marketing to free up time in your life
  • and so much more...

The good news is, this doesn't have to be hard, and you don't have to build your business alone.

Get the help and support you need from a seasoned professional so you get clients, make money, and have more time for things you love.

It is 100% possible to:


Run a six-figure business while spending MORE time with your family and less time in your business.


Find, attract, and convert your dream client with an easy strategy.


Automate your business and marketing, AND grow your business while living a life you love.

Let's take your creative business
to the next level now

The Dream Biz Academy Online Program

The Dream Biz Academy is a self-paced course that’s designed to help you create a business you love. Consider it your new secret weapon when it comes to building the PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business of your dreams.

Strategy Intensives

DIY your business with a little help from a professional. In under 4 hours, you can have a personalized game plan built just for you to grow your business with strategy.

1:1 Coaching

Scale your creative business fast with a coach who not only understands the creative side of your business, but loves the business side even more. With accountability and a personalized game plan built for you and your biz, we'll grow your business at warp speed.

I’m Tracy!

I'm a boudoir photographer in Saint Louis, MO, where I scaled my business to well over six figures a year working only two days each month. Now, I continue to serve my beautiful clients in the STL area, while traveling the country, all while helping others create a life and business they love.

Get started automating your creative business while only working 40 hours per month!


Get the guide to a complete marketing strategy that brings clients in on autopilot.

Learn how to create a 6 figure studio working part-time hours!

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