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3 Plus Size Boudoir Photography Poses

3 Plus Size Boudoir Photography Poses | Tracy Lynn Coaching | See more at

3 Tips to Show Off Curves: How to Nail Plus Size Boudoir Photography Poses

In boudoir photography, everything is all about the angles — especially when it comes to plus size boudoir photography poses. Because curves are everything and we want to flaunt them! If you’ve got a shoot for a plus-sized client coming up and want to help all your clients look and feel amazing, then keep reading! 

In this post, I’m going to give you a few tips, plus some plus size boudoir photography poses, to help show off that booty and bust. 

Curves are NOT something we want to hide! Every person has something (or multiple somethings) that they love about their body. So make sure you know exactly what your client wants to show off before you even start the session!

Then, you can use these posing tips to help your clients feel like their best selves. 

Posing Tip #1: Only Photograph What THEY Want to Show

Just like every woman has things they love about their body, they also have things they don’t like so much. It isn’t our job as boudoir photographers to tell them what that is. Our job is to, instead, help them feel confident and sexy while working what they got! 

That’s why getting to know what your client wants to show off first is so important. Hide what THEY want to hide, show what THEY want to show.

But when I say hide, I don’t necessarily mean just covering up. Find poses that can help put the focus on the parts they want to show off. 

For example, this client wasn’t feeling the lower-waisted bottoms. So, we used a sheet as a prop. And she looks SO good! In the second photo, we tried some high-waisted bottoms instead, and as you can see here, she looks confident.


Posing Tip #2: Find the Angles For Your Plus Size Boudoir Photography Poses

You need to find your client’s best angles because everyone is different. Some plus size women will be super curvy with a tiny waist, big booty, and a bigger chest. Some plus size women might have not a booty but they have a bigger chest, or vice versa.

What matters is that you find HER angles — that you find the angles for the specific woman. Boudoir photography is a high-end and personalized experience, and you should be posing your clients like it is!

Some of the best poses that can help you hit those angles are: 

Posing Tip #3: Accentuate Those Curves

Curves are sexy, y’all! And they’re what you want to highlight during your boudoir photography shoots. 

The best way to accentuate curves is to find the angles that make their waist the smallest because that’s where the curves come from. It’s going to be different for every person, but again, that’s why knowing the angles are important. 

You can also do this by varying their wardrobe with outfits that flatter their specific body type. Some will look great in an oversized button-up. Some will look stunning in a robe. It all depends on the client!

Bonus Tip: Shower Them With Praise

Yes, it’s all the angles but you know what also helps your client look their best? When they feel their best. You can help make that possible by showering them with compliments and praise! Make sure they know every step of the way that they’re looking great and doing amazing. Keep the communication flowing so they know they’re nailing the pose while you’re nailing the photo.

Learn How to Pose Like a Pro

If you need a little extra support and guidance in learning how to nail those client poses, I have something that can help! In my TLC Posing Guide, I’ll show you all the basics you need to know, plus a few expert tips and tricks from someone who’s photographed over XX clients!

When you go into each session prepared, you’ll feel more confident, your client will feel more confident, and everyone walks away happy!

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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