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4 Photography Invoice Templates That Get You Paid On Time [+ free template!]

4 Photography Invoice Templates That Get You Paid On Time [+ free template!]. See more at

As someone who needs images for my Instagram and my website, I book photography branding sessions once or twice a year. Invoicing through Venmo or CashApp instead of with an actual photography invoice is a big pet peeve of mine. That’s just not a great first impression.

Imagine someone sending a Venmo request for $2000 for hair extensions.  Would you be a little leery of their business?  You would probably be thinking to yourself, “what kind of service am I about to get?”

How can YOU be taken seriously as a business owner if you aren’t even taking yourself seriously?  

If you haven’t even went through the trouble to set up your accounting software or at least create a photography invoice, then most won’t think you are a legit business… even if you are.

So let’s talk about some easy ways to look legit.

Photography invoice and accounting softwares that get you paid

Our first step is finding an accounting software.  I know, I know.  This is one of those things that, as creatives, we want to skip. Please don’t make that mistake.  Find a photography accounting software to grow with ASAP. It will make your life so much easier in the long run.

A good accounting software helps track your business goals.  (P.S. If you don’t have a good way to SET these goals, check out TLC’s Photography Pricing Course)  Goal setting is an entire phase of this course!  I include my Full Time Formula, Budget Blueprint, Sales Average Spreadsheet, and MORE! All are easy to understand, fill out, and track so you stay on top of your goals all year long.

4 Photography Invoice Templates That Get You Paid On Time [+ free template!]. See more at

1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is my personal favorite photography invoice and accounting software.  My accountant recommended it several years ago, and I’ve used it since. It has the best reporting and tracking options out there, and allowed me to take my monthly admin time from 3-4 hours down to 10 minutes. Worth it? I think so.

So which Quickbooks software is best for photographers? There are so many choices and they do get very overwhelming, but definitely QuickBooks Online. This allows you to access your account from anywhere.  If you do IPS(In Person Sales) in your studio, creating invoices from your phone is also an option. Convenience is our friend!

One more thought, if you eventually plan to hire a bookkeeper or an accountant, start with Quickbooks so you don’t have switch later.

2. Dubsado

Several of my coaching clients use Dubsado. It’s a CRM (client relationship management software) built for creatives by creatives.  They have forms and templates, scheduling options, some automation, photography invoicing and reporting, and client management. Automations are extremely important to me in both of my businesses, and from what I’ve seen, Dubsado’s automations are the best out there among the popular CRM’s.

Dubsado photography invoice examples are professional and get you paid quickly and efficiently.

3. HoneyBook

Setting HoneyBook up seems to be the biggest hurdle my coaching clients face. Some of the automations have to be turned on, so if you forget one, your client may never receive an invoice, which means you won’t get paid.

4. WaveApps

Until my accountant recommended QuickBooks, I used WaveApps and loved it! It’s a free accounting and invoicing software that works a lot like QuickBooks, but it’s easier to use.  The only time you pay a fee is after you’ve been paid.  Creating your own photography invoice is super easy inside this software and looks very professional.

WaveApps is my best recommendation if you don’t have a software yet, are just starting out, and aren’t ready to take the plunge to paid accounting software.

What’s right for you?

This was a lot of information… so lets answer the question, what’s right for YOU?

A lot of photographers think they have to have some sort of CRM, but personally I’m on the other side of the fence here.  I don’t think any software out there does EVERYTHING necessary for a photography business, even if they claim they do.

That reason alone is exactly why I use several different softwares, such as Quickbooks, Acuity, HelloSign, and others. These softwares offer everything I need in order to run my photography business without the need to check things daily.  They do what I need at the time I need it done. I set it and literally forget it.

As a business coach and someone who is not an affiliate to ANY software company, I highly recommend starting with WaveApps and eventually moving to QuickBooks when you’re ready to hire an accountant or bookkeeper. Both have professional photography invoice templates, as well as easy ways to accept payments, low transaction fees, and account tracking and reports you need as a business owner.

One more {FREE} photography invoice template

Maybe you’re still super new to photography and you want to use GoogleSheets or Excel to track your expenses. This is absolutely fine.  I’m here for you.  Everyone goes at their own pace, and just like in my coaching programs, I never believe in one size fits all…

… but you still need to use a photography invoice.  Remember, you are a professional. 🙂

Which brings me to the photography invoice template I’ve created for my coaching client who aren’t ready to commit to a software just yet.

For those clients, I’ve created a Google Sheet Photography Invoice Template to make your life easier.  It calculates the total for you, including tax, and you can link it to PayPal or Venmo Business(yes business, not personal!) so you can get paid quickly.  There’s even a video for you to watch so you know exactly how to use it.

Get your invoice template here!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.


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