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Yes, you can build a
six-figure creative business

while working 40 hours a month or LESS!

Yes, you can build a
six-figure creative business

while working 40 hours a month or LESS!

You know "the hustle" all too well, and you're soooooo over it.

You know that you can't keep up with the pace of hunting for clients who may not be right for you, comparing yourself against your competitors, scrambling to have sales calls that don't feel sleazy and losing all your time due to a lack of systems and processes in place that supports your business.

Time, is money, as they say.
And you're sick and tired of running low on both.

Hi, I'm Tracy Lynn!

I help creative business owners scale their businesses, create automated and profitable systems, and spend more time with their families.

My mission is to show female business owners you don't have to spend your life wrapped up in your business. You can step away from your business and still make more than enough money to support yourself and your family . 

About Me

I'm the owner of Boudoir by Tracy Lynn, a 3/4 million dollar boudoir photography studio in Saint Louis, MO.

In 2014, I was an overworked dental hygienist wanting to make a photography business work, so I created the Create Your Dream Framework. This allowed me to increase my sales and put my marketing system on autopilot.

Now, I get to help other business owners create businesses that don't require crazy hours so they have more time with their families.

I want to show you how you can do it too.

Let me help you create a life you love using your talent.

Get started automating your creative business while only working 40 hours per month!


Get the guide to a complete marketing strategy that brings clients in on autopilot.

Learn how to create a 6 figure studio working part-time hours!

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