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Accountability in Creative Business

A business coach helps with accountabilty by separating busy work from work that will help you achieve your goals, among other things.

One of my favorite things in business is learning new skills. When I first started photography, I couldn’t stop going to workshops, buying courses to improve my images, etc. I wanted to learn all the things! What I noticed though was that if I just bought the course and there wasn’t an instructor on the other end keeping me on track, really what I was was a serial course purchaser. Accountability is so important!

Now that I have a successful photography business that more or less runs itself, I have been focusing more on the coaching side of my business. This is more fun for me.

I’ve always been more business minded. I definitely call myself a business owner, not an artist.  Honestly, I don’t even call myself a photographer. It’s always online business owner.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I’ve been focusing on the coaching side of my business so I have invested in a few courses that will help me grow this side, one of which is a speaking course.

If you’ve met me in person or online, you know I’m quiet, only speaking when I have something to say that I’ve 100% thought out.  But something that’s important in this online space is going live on Instagram or Facebook, teaching workshops, getting on podcasts.

I decided 2020 was the year I was going to focus on my speaking skills.

Thankfully, it was a good year for this considering most of us were stuck at home all year(thanks COVID!).

So I invested in Speak Up to Level Up with Heather Sager. I was all in for the entirety of the group coaching program. It included weekly meetings and I was there for every one.

But when the group coaching portion of the course was over, I kind of set it aside. My boudoir business had picked up, so I was crazy busy. And I just up and forgot about it.

A week or so ago, I was asked to speak at a virtual summit!  I’m flattered and excited, but also scared to death! P.S. Details are coming soon! 

I  messaged Heather and told her I need some help with accountability here.  Even though I’m someone who follows through on whatever I plan to do, speaking is one of those things that scared me to death, and I will look for any excuse to get out of it.

“Oh my dog naps that time of day so she will be snoring during my talk.  Can’t do it!”

You think I’m joking but I’m not. I’ve used that as an excuse before.

I need someone to keep me on track, improving, and growing in something that I innately want to avoid like the plague.

I need a coach.

What I needed was accountability.

Accountability is the fact or condition of being accountable or responsible.  It’s your willingness to follow through on whatever you say you will do. That includes business or personal goals, or something you say you will do or are getting paid to do for your clients.

Although we should be accountable for our own actions, sometimes you need some help in actually achieving goals you set. This is where a business coach comes in.

A business coach helps with accountability.

A few ways a business coach can help keep you accountable:

  • Separates busy work from the work that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Helps create a game plan that won’t overwhelm you.
  • Requires you to stick to deadlines.
  • Helps you reach your goals faster than you could alone.
  • Helps you create a business and life you love.
  • Shows you how to free up your time/manage the time you have.

Here’s a real life example.

Last week, I chatted with Chelsey Dorr of Chelsey Door Boudoir in Portland Oregon. She’s been a client for 5 months now. Within weeks of her first coaching call with me, we increased her sales average from $700 to $1900 AND she had her first $3100 sale!

Chelsey is in Boudoir Studio Accelerator, 90 Day Dream Biz, and has the Platinum Coaching Package with me.  Every other week, we meet for 1 hour and review what she’s worked on the previous 2 weeks, chat about how or what to improve, chat about the next steps to take to grow her business, and review her numbers.  The amount of growth she’s had in 5 months is so impressive!

On the other hand, I have a few students in the same course who have been working on the exact same thing for the past 9 months and have not seen the same results as fast.

Yes their sales averages improved. Yes they are booking more clients, but all in all, they are not growing the way Chelsey has.

And it’s 100% because of the one on one accountability that private business coaching offers.

What’s holding you back from growing your business and creating a life you love?

In your dream life scenario, what are you doing? Are you spending time with your family? Taking your kids to Disney? Sitting down with them for dinner each night?

Or are your traveling the world(post-COVID obviously), working from anywhere, and seeing all the things you’ve always dreamed of?

What’s holding you back from achieving those goals?

I want to help you create a life you love.

I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ve created 2 successful businesses from the ground up while dreaming about the life I WANT to live.   And I’ve helped so many other photographers, makeup artists, and creative business owners do the same.

Creating successful, streamlined businesses is my passion and I am ready to help you take your business to the next level.  Email me here so we can discuss your business and get 2021 started the right way!

A business coach helps with accountabilty by separating busy work from work that will help you achieve your goals, among other things.


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.


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