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Boudoir Photography Marketing Strategies

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5 Boudoir Photography Marketing Strategies Every New Photographer Should Know

Are you a new boudoir photographer wondering how to get clients into your business? You’re in the right place! 

Last year my business made over $100,000 in revenue AND I only worked 10 days total in my studio. This wasn’t by chance. And it wasn’t just hustle alone either. This was because I followed a tried and true marketing strategy — one that works specifically for boudoir photographers.

And I’m breaking it down with you today. By the end of this post, you’ll understand how these  five boudoir photography marketing strategies can help you pull in clients and get booked out! 

Ready? Let’s dive in! 

Strategy #1: Build Your Portfolio With Your Ideal Clients

The first thing you should focus on is building out your portfolio. (If you already have a portfolio, great! Just skip ahead to point #2). 

Obviously, most people are going to want to see past work before they book you. They want to know that you can provide them the experience, and the photos, they’re looking for. But how do you get that “proof” if you’re new and don’t have any clients? 

You work with models

And I know that might be going against the grain a little bit, but I truly believe that if you’re new and need to fill up the pages of your portfolio, models can be a great way to do that. 

You could reach out to local influencers in your area. Working with influencers who would promote me locally was one of the fastest ways I grew my business after I moved to St. Louis. Having connections like that can be really helpful!

You could also work with local models. I used models to build my portfolio because they have experience in front of the camera. I don’t have to work so hard to get them comfortable, and they usually know how to move, know their lighting, etc. 

Either way, just remember that when you’re building your portfolio, you need to also be strategic about it. You don’t want to just put any work there. You want to showcase the work that will attract your ideal clients.

How to Create a Boudoir Photography Portfolio as a Beginner 

Strategy #2: Build Your Website

Next, I really recommend focusing on your website. A lot of photographers avoid doing this until they feel like they have an “actual” business, but don’t skip it! Instagram and Facebook profiles aren’t going to cut it. 

You need to have somewhere real to send your potential clients! And having a legit website can have a lot of influence on whether or not they decide to work with you. 

One of my clients built her website before she even had enough photos to really consider her portfolio finished. But because she had a legit website, she was able to book out her schedule months before she ever moved to her new city.

I mean it when I say a website can be really powerful for helping you get booked out!

If you want to hear more about how Faith did this, then I’ll link the podcast episode with her interview down below.

Strategy #3: Join a Local Networking Group

Have you thought about joining a local networking group yet? You should! It’s one of the BEST ways to get traffic to your website, especially if you’re just starting out.

And yes, this means it’s time to get out from behind your computer screen and out into the world. I know, I know! It’s scary! But if you want to be the go-to photographer in your area and in your niche, you have to get out in your community.

When I moved to St. Louis, I put myself in the community where my ideal client was hanging out. I was exactly where I needed to be, in their line of sight, so it was MUCH easier to book out my schedule with the right clients.

If you don’t know where to start, try joining a BNI, a women’s group, or even your local chamber.

Strategy #4: Attend Trade Shows and Fairs

The next thing you can try is attending a wedding show, women’s show, or some other sort of trade show as a vendor. 

They can help you book out your schedule pretty quickly because they likely are FULL of your ideal clients, right there in one place. And being a boudoir photographer, these women could end up being LIFETIME clients.

When I first started out, my ideal clients were brides. And going to these shows helped me not only FIND my people, but also find clients I could be with in the long term. Most of my clients who come back started a a bridal boudoir client, coming from a bridal fair!


Now, if you’re nervous about a bridal fair, just know you don’t have to start with the biggest one in your area. Start small, build your confidence, and then start moving toward the bigger ones.

But here are a few things you can do to make sure it goes well (and help you ease those nerves): 

  • Host a giveaway to generate attention and sign-ups
  • Give out a special offer just for attendees of the trade show/dair
  • Offer a discount on your session fees (which will depend on your pricing and sales model for sure!)

Another tip? A dollar amount will ALWAYS convert better than a percentage off! They need to know exactly what they are saving so they can see if that deal is worth their time. 

Strategy #5: Plan an Annual Sale

Finally, if you can, try planning an annual sale. If you do things like attend bridal fairs or trade shows, you should be able to collect and build up your email list pretty easily. And with qualified leads, too!

But don’t just wait until your sale to send emails! Be sure you nurture them regularly with valuable content, and maybe even open the floor a little bit to get to know one another better. 

This could be sharing a bit more about yourself, why you started your biz, why you do things in your biz the way you do, etc. You could even prompt them to respond back. Trust and connection are HUGE in boudoir photography!  

Once you nurture your list, THEN you can plan out your marketing. Two weeks before the sale, I send an email letting them know it’s coming then send four emails the weekend of the sale. Then I post on socials with the same schedule.

And the sale sells out every time! 

But the key here is to NURTURE the email list FIRST — then point to the sale.

CTA: Want my exact annual sale strategy to sell out your annual sales every single time? Grab the Blueprint to a $10K annual sale at the link in the description below!

You Know the Basics, Now Get High-Level Help Inside of FBO!

So now that you know the basics, you can start to implement a plan to make sure your marketing strategy works. As in, it attracts the right clients and helps them book a session! 

But obviously, there’s SO MUCH MORE to a good boudoir photography marketing strategy than just these five strategies. So, if you want to take things to the next level, and really dig into what a good marketing strategy can look like for you, I encourage you to check out Forever Booked Out!

This is my high-level marketing program aimed to help boudoir photographers like you get…well, booked out! You’ll learn how to market your photography business in a way that’s sustainable AND profitable. 

If you want to learn more, or join Forever Booked Out, you can here!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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