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Download the ONE PAGE Marketing Strategy to book photography clients (without using Facebook Ads)

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Your Business Bucket List:

3 Mini Goals To Hit 6 Figures In 2023

2022 Your Business Bucket List Presentation

We’re addressing three major areas of your business that are *most likely* the culprits keeping you stuck, including: 

1️⃣ The critical financial element of your business you MUST nail down to be profitable and promotable—and a clear factor in getting to six figures.
2️⃣ The essential piece of online marketing that might be steering people away from your business—hint, it’s 100% not your social media accounts.
3️⃣ My favorite (and usually super fun!) way to get in front of great clients and build an email list quickly … so you can fill your shoot calendar quickly, too.
4️⃣ Plus, an open discussion for Q&A about your boudoir photography biz—including one lucky person who’ll win a FREE 30-min 1:1 consultation with me!
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