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4 Reasons Why Offering Bridal Boudoir is a Smart Business Strategy for Wedding Photographers 

When I first left my career in the dental field to become a boudoir photographer, brides were my ideal clients. And working with them is part of the reason I got to where I am today. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, and have hit over a million dollars in sales — no exaggeration. Brides are a highly profitable niche!

So if you’re someone who photographs weddings and haven’t dipped your toes into the world of bridal boudoirs yet, you’re missing out!

And that’s exactly why in this post, I’ll show you why it’s such a good business strategy for wedding photographers like you!

#1: It Makes a Great Gift

The first reason why wedding photographers should offer bridal boudoir sessions is because it makes such a great gift on the wedding day.

Thankfully, sites like Wedding Wire or The Knot already do a lot of education about the value behind bridal boudoir sessions. Which means, most of the time, brides are already aware of the why behind the service, making them more likely to book. 

And even better, they usually recommend brides give albums as well, making it an easy album sale! 

But seriously, this makes such a great gift for the groom on the wedding day, and it’s one of the most fun experiences of the whole wedding process. Your clients, and their grooms, will LOVE it!

#2: It Helps Brides Celebrate Their Bodies

Bridal boudoir sessions are also a great way for for your clients to celebrate their bodies now, and for years to come. 

Because they’re often in one of the happiest phases of their life, their confidence has a tendency to shine through naturally. And when clients are confident, it’s hard not to take great photos

When your brides are looking at these photos years later, they can remember that glowing sense of confidence, and how happy they were. For example, one of my clients wrote a review about how beautiful she felt after her session, and how it carried over to her wedding day.

Here’s an excerpt of what she said:

 “I felt beautiful and sexy throughout my entire session. It really was empowering, tasteful, and classy and the photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined[…]As someone who is typically shy and reserved, my husband was FLOORED and ecstatic with my album (as am I). I truly believe the confidence my album gave me, overflowed into my wedding photos[…]”  — Kaitlyn

It’s SUCH a heartwarming thing to see when clients are able to feel this level of confidence. I mean, that’s what boudoir photography is all about, right?

#3: It Helps Build Trust

Bridal boudoir also helps you, the wedding photographer, build trust with your clients before the big day. Because boudoir is such an intimate setting, it’s really hard not to build connections with your clients. 

In fact, a lot of my clients have become my friends. Some of them I even do business with regularly — one is actually my financial advisor! 

The bond created after a boudoir session is like no other. And it’s the perfect way to build more trust before the wedding.

Plus that trust makes for GREAT deliverables from the actual wedding day. The bride KNOWS you’ve got her back with great photos, and she’s free to be fully present in the moment. It’s a win-win!

#4: It Helps Create Lifelong Clients

Many of my boudoir clients start as bridal clients and then come back to me every couple of years. Some come for anniversaries. Some come for maternity sessions. Several come back every few years regularly, or even a few times per year.

Give them a reason to book a session, and they will keep coming back for more. The confidence a boudoir session gives you is undefeated! And once your clients see how great it can make them feel, they’ll truly see and understand the value of boudoir photography.

How to Implement Bridal Boudoir in Your Business

Want to know how you can take the above and implement it into your own wedding photography business? Let’s look at three strategies to get it done!


The first thing you could do is add the sessions to your existing collections. This can make it easier for clients to purchase albums since they could potentially get their boudoir and wedding photos together. 

It’s a good upsell to your wedding collections–it makes them worth more! You can include a small boudoir album. Another option is to include the session and hair and makeup, without any products or digitals, so they have to purchase the album.


You could also implement boudoir as an optional add-on. This helps you test the waters to make sure it’s something you want to do, and something your clients want, too. 

You may find that boudoir photography isn’t your favorite thing to do, but still want to include it because it’s profitable. And that’s okay! But that’s exactly where these add-on services can help. 


Most boudoir clients want someone who specializes in this specific niche of photography.

It’s scary to trust someone in that intimate of a setting! But it’s easier to trust someone who specializes in boudoir, and has a lot of experience doing it. 

And that’s where really honing in on your boudoir photography skills can help. 

Want to Know How to Book More Bridal Clients?

Read through all this and know you want to add boudoir services to your business? You need to be showing up at bridal fairs! These are where hundreds of your ideal clients are hanging out, all at once.

Where else can you get that many people who would potentially want to book with you in one room?!

And the good news is that you don’t have to figure out the way to do it all on your own. The TLC Bridal Fair Boudoir Bundle is here to help!

Consider this your secret weapon when booking more bridal clients. It includes everything you need to make every fair successful by communicating the value of what you do, nurturing leads, and landing the sale!

You’ll get instant access to several of my BEST resources for bridal boudoir photographers, and tutorials to walk you through each one. 

Sound like something you need? Grab the bundle here!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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