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Business Success or Overworked?

As entrepreneurs, we tend to see business success as a busy schedule, but there's a better way.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to see overworked as business success.  If our schedule is full, that means we’re doing something right, right?  We only deserve those high income goals we’ve set if we’re working ourselves to the bone.

What I’d like to see the entrepreneurial world do is change their perspective on what business success really looks like. Why do we NEED to have a super packed schedule? Why can’t we still make 6 figures and work 1/4 of the amount of time?

I think it’s time we redefine how success looks.

Let’s start with why we think being overworked defines business success.

When we are super busy with no free time, that means we’re successful right? We can show our significant other, our parents, friends that our business is REAL if our calendar is packed, regardless of our revenue.

It’s pride. If we’re busy, that means we must be doing something right. Even if it’s just busy work, we are still “working.” A lot of times, it’s literally creating tasks that aren’t even necessary.

Things like organizing your desk so it’s Instagram worthy. Or rewriting notes so they look nicer(guilty over here). Always those tasks that give you something to do instead of being productive and making money. Maybe because you don’t know how to make money yet.

Or are you too busy working IN your business instead of ON your business?

As creatives, most of us think “No one else can do this task as well as I can.” Or maybe “It’s my art. I have to be there every step of the way.”

I know for sure photographers are guilty of this. The great Jerry Ghionis told me at one of the 4 workshops I attended of his, “I’m a photographer, not a retoucher.”  That statement was something I stewed on for a long, long time before I made the change.

My job as a boudoir photographer is to create an experience my clients love and to make sure they leave with a beautiful album.  The end goal is the album, which helps me reach my high sales average. How I reach that goal is up to me.

The one thing I hated was sitting behind a computer and retouching photo after photo after photo when I could be sitting behind my computer and figuring out how to book more clients, make more money, and still work fewer hours.

So I interviewed professional retouchers, hired one, and now I outsource ALL of my retouching, which frees up my time so much that I never work more than 40 hours each month.  Seriously.

And by the way, my retoucher is so much better than me. My “art” has definitely improved since I outsourced my retouching, which also helps me bring in more clients and more money.

Are you guilty of defining business success by how busy you are?

If you’re one who loves the busy work or who doesn’t think anyone else can do your job as good as you, don’t feel guilty. Especially as newbie business owners, you’re just finding your groove, learning how to work without literally going to work. It’s so different than a 9-5 and takes some dedication and self discipline.

But here’s what you need to do to start removing the busy work and create more time in each day:

  1. Prep your business for success: Plan out your ideal business and lifestyle.
  2. Plan your dream income: Plan your business finances to allow for your dream income.
  3. Attract the right clients: Find, attract, and convert your dream client with a super easy strategy(one that requires less time).
  4. Automate your business: Automate your business and marketing to free up time in your life.
  5. THEN you can live your life while you adjust and grow your business and life.

Are you guilty of thinking that a busy schedule means you own a successful business?

And if you want the exact recipe that myself and my coaching clients use to create more time in each day…

And if you want the exact recipe that myself and my coaching clients use to create more time in each day, be sure to check out 90 Day Dream Biz where I walk you through those 5 steps above while holding your hand. 🙂



Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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