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Find & book premium-paying dream clients on autopilot

The Dream Biz Academy is a self-paced course that's designed to help you create a business you love.

Consider it your new secret weapon when it comes to building the PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business of your dreams.

No more imposter syndrome.  No more burn out. No more living paycheck to paycheck. No more missing out on the important moments in life because you're too busy working.

There's a better way to do business - and the Dream Biz Academy is going to teach you all about it.

The Dream Biz Academy is for you if…

  • You’re new to business and are still “learning the ropes”
  • You’re ready to turn your side hustle into a career
  • You fantasize about leaving your 9-5 behind but aren’t sure how to do it
  • You have to chase down clients every single month to make ends meet
  • You want to make more money and serve more clients while working LESS — and enjoying the beautiful parts of life in the process

The Dream Biz Academy is not for you if…

  • You aren’t committed to making your business work and occasionally stepping out of your comfort zone
  • You are already an established 6 or 7 figure entrepreneur
  • Your business is fully automated
  • You consistently hit or surpass your revenue goals
  • You’re looking for high-touch, 1:1 support (the Dream Biz Academy is a passive course!)

Stop questioning your skills, working around the clock, and wondering if running a business is right for you.

It's time to:

Prep for success. Let's plan our your ideal business and lifestyle.

Plan your business finances to allow for your dream income.

Find, attract, and convert your dream client with an easy strategy.

Automate your business and marketing to free up time in your life.

Adjust and grow your business while living a life you love.

Success is waiting for you

inside 90 Day Dream Biz

Tiffany Ruby, permanent makeup artist and Dream Biz Academy Student

"For years I struggled in my business, only bringing in $1-2K/ month.

After 2 months in Dream Biz Academy, I am had my highest month ever of $8200, all because of the short term marketing plan we immediately implemented!"

- Tiffany R. (Permanent Makeup Artist)

Destiny Dickerman, web designer and Dream Biz Academy Student

"My initial sales goal was $1500 per client, according to the Full Time Formula.

With Dream Biz Academy's marketing strategy, I now have the perfect mix of high end clients and small business owners who pay no less than $1500 every month."

-Destiny D. (Web Designer)

Chelsey Dorr, photographer and Dream Biz Academy Student

"Last year, I had a $300 sales average with a high sale of $800 and was sporadically booked. 

After a few weeks in the program, my sales averages grew 380% and recently broke my high sale record THREE times with a new record of $4205!"

- Chelsey Dorr (Photographer)

The Dream Biz Academy is a behind-the-scenes look at how I built my million dollar boudoir photography studio.

This program was created to show you exactly how I’ve made a million dollar creative business while only working part-time hours. 

You’ll see exactly how I work with my clients, create my marketing funnels, and automate my business so I can save time, charge more for my work, and make more money. Skip the trial and error of figuring out these things on your own and instead learn from a pro and kickstart your creative business with all the tools and resources you need in one spot. 


This course is perfect for:

New Businesses

Learn the right way to run your creative business from the very beginning and save time, money, (and sanity!) on your journey.

Side Hustlers

Discover how to take your side business full-time and create the creative business of your dreams while making more money and working less hours!

Pro Biz Owner

Level up your creative business with all the tools and guidance to get your clients coming to you on autopilot. 


Phase 1: Getting Started & Mindset

In Phase 1, we’ll be covering the foundation of all business success: your mindset. We’ll dive deep into mindset psychology, go through some of my favorite mindset advice and reminders, and I’ll walk you through the Daily Magic Routine that transformed my productivity.

Phase 2: Money Madness

Phase 2 is all about money. As a business owner, knowing how to be smart about both making and managing your money is an invaluable skill that will take you far once you start to scale your biz. Some of the topics we’ll touch on in Phase 2 include my signature Full Time Formula (to help you calculate exactly how your finances will help you live your dream lifestyle), your budget blueprint, how to create and price your packages, and even the accounting systems you need to make all of this a whole lot simpler.

Phase 3: Marketing & Messaging Magic

Do you want to know how to instantly attract and convert dream clients? Do you want a set-it-and-forget marketing funnel in place that does the work for you? Do you want your messaging to effortlessly sell your services? If so, you’ll learn all of that and more in Phase 3, when we cover how to create magic through your marketing and messaging.

Phase 4: Automation & Systems, Simplified

The key to a killer work-life balance is an automated business. Automations and systems can save you hours of busy work, but so many biz owners are hesitant to dive in because of how complicated it all seems from afar. Phase 4 simplifies automations & systems so you know exactly how to approach them and make them work for your business — even if you’re a self-proclaimed technophobe. You’ll be amazed at how smooth your business can run when your to-do list items are taken care of automatically!

Phase 5: Successful Scaling

As you start to grow your business, you may run into challenges that you didn’t face earlier on. The key to scaling with ease (while avoiding overwhelm) is planning. In Phase 5, I teach you exactly how to create a successful strategy that will allow you to scale. We’ll discuss how to adjust as your business grows, the stats you need to be keeping track of, what to do when you want to hire someone, what planning for retirement looks like, and how to “level up” your goals.


5 phases and 36 value-packed lessons

that will teach you everything you need to know about successfully growing your business without burning out.

30+ pages of swipe files and templates

to help you further your knowledge and apply what you’ve learned to your own business.

My signature tools and formulas

which include my Full Time Formula, Budget Blueprint, and No Brainer Pricing Calculator.

Accountability and knowledge

from a 7-figure entrepreneur (that’s me!) who has been in your shoes before.

Support from a like-minded community of CEOs via my Facebook group

Connect with entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you in my exclusive FB group just for Dream Biz Academy students!

Ready to transform your side hustle into a six-figure, automated, and profitable creative business?

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Hi, I’m

I’m a Mentor & Coach for creative business owners looking to level up their businesses with specific, actionable help automating and systematizing their businesses online so they can make more money, have more time, and create happier clients. Sounds pretty nice, right?

It’s possible. And I can show you how.

See, six years ago, I was an overworked dental hygienist trying to make a boudoir photography business work. Then, I took a chance, quit my job, and created a multi-six figure a year boudoir photography studio in Saint Louis, where I photograph clients two days a month, giving my clients confidence that nothing except boudoir photography could give them. The rest of my time is spent traveling full time with my best friend.

My mission is to show that you don't have to spend your life wrapped up in your business.

You can step away from your business and still make more than enough money to support yourself and your family.

Success is waiting for you

inside 90 Day Dream Biz


"After trying so many programs and even private coaching with no results,

I'm two months in and I'm already starting to see more of the right client for me!"

- Laurie B. (Photographer)


"I have been told in the past that I should charge more but with no explanation as to why. Your breakdown of the cost of everything and how to get those numbers was great information.

I appreciate your understanding of why we need to price items and sessions correctly to make what we want to make."

- Heather S. (Photographer)


Let me answer your questions:

It can be completed with less than 10 hours a month and in 90 days or less… once it’s implemented. I would give yourself 5 hours a week until you’ve completely automated the strategy.

The lessons aren’t crazy long fluffy videos. They are short and to the point. They are actionable videos that help you get things done with only the important things you need to do. But to create a solid strategy, know you will be putting in the work! So although the videos are short and to the point, you will have lots to implement. I’ll be there every step of the way though!

Ready to transform your side hustle into a six-figure, automated, and profitable creative business?

Enroll now!

Get The Dream Biz Academy Course + VIP Coaching


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