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Easy Boudoir Photography Studio Setup

Easy Boudoir Photography Studio Setup | Tracy Lynn Coaching | see more at

The Easiest Boudoir Photography Studio Setup (and Boudoir Photography Equipment Must-Haves)

Wanna know the secret to how I’ve made over $1.5 million in my photography business? It may not be what you think…it’s my boudoir photography studio setup! Over the years I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my photography studio furniture, but there are just a few pieces that I actually use in every single session. 

These pieces have helped me sell more images and bigger albums with every client. You can find your own studio must-haves to help you take gorgeous photos and make more money. Read on and find inspiration for your own boudoir photography studio below!

A beautiful chaise lounge

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The first boudoir photography studio must-have is a cream chaise lounge with a curved seat. I love my particular chaise lounge because the seat is long and curved, which accentuates the curves of my clients! I don’t like flat, straight chairs because they’re not as flattering. I also style it with a white fur rug when posing my clients on the floor. 

I think of these as my signature studio pieces because of how I use them with my clients. But we may not have the same style, so what advice can you take from this? Find a piece in a style and color that fits your brand. If you like the chaise lounge I use but not the color, pick a different one! It’s your photography studio, so it should feel right for you.

A white sheet set

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Another part of my boudoir photography studio setup is a white sheet set. If you can get a white silk sheet set, even better. It looks and feels gorgeous.

To save time during your shoots, as well as save space if your studio is small, you can set up your white sheets on the floor. I typically have a mattress with white sheets prepared directly on the floor of my studio. I can move around the mattress with ease while my clients pose. It’s a super flexible and versatile setup.

 A dark sheet set

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If “dark and moody” is more your vibe, I definitely recommend getting a dark silk sheet set as well. I style this set with other pieces, like a headboard and fur rug, to look more like a bedroom. Even if your photos are well lit, with lots of flattering shadows, I recommend using a couple other decorations or pieces to add texture and contrast.

My photography equipment must-haves

Last but not least, I want to share with you the equipment I’ve used for every session since 2017. Yep, six years! 

Here are my photography equipment must-haves:

As you can see, I’m a big believer in investing your money in your boudoir photography business overall — not just the latest and greatest (and expensive) photography equipment. 

After I purchased my main equipment used, I put the money I saved toward improving my skills and growing my business. I signed up for workshops that allowed me to learn from other photographers whom I respected and admired. I invested in a photography business coach who continues to teach me so much! 

Fancy photography equipment can only get you so far. Find ways to invest in your own boudoir photography business to help it grow…and help you become a better photographer and business owner.

H2: Keep your studio simple, beautiful, and functional

If you’re working on growing your boudoir business to six-figures, you don’t need an over-the-top, expensive photography studio setup. All you need are basic, functional pieces that look like a million bucks and encourage your clients to buy images.

Invest in a chaise lounge or chair that will flatter your clients and look nice in photos. A fur rug that complements your chair helps, too! A basic white silk sheet set and a dark silk sheet set for creating cozy or moody vibes are must-haves as well. Whether you set them up on a simple mattress or a more detailed bedroom scene, they’ll look great with all of your clients.

Finally, save money on photography equipment by buying used if you can. If you have a bigger budget and love newer equipment, you do you! But don’t forget that investing in your photography skills and know-how as a business owner is important, too.

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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