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Email Tips for Boudoir Photographers

Email Tips for Boudoir Photographers | Tracy Lynn Coaching | See more at

4 Must-Know Email Marketing Tips for Boudoir Photographers

Are you utilizing email marketing in your boudoir photography business yet? If not…you could be missing out on tons of bookings!

In fact, once I started utilizing email marketing and growing my list, I felt like my business really started to grow. Because for any online business, email is important. It’s a way to connect with your audience and nurture relationships with potential clients.

So today, I’m covering the four email marketing tips that have helped me grow my business, so you can too!

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Email Marketing Tip #1: Get People on Your List!

The first thing you need to do to make email marketing work for you is to actually get people onto your list! You can’t sell to an empty room, right?

There are two ways I recommend doing this. 

One — attend bridal or vendor fairs. This works great because you can book sessions AND you get the email list after the show. The show list could be anywhere from 400-2,000 emails depending on the turnout. 

Now, every single person may not sign up for your email list, but just think about the potential there! 

And two — you can build your list with a freebie. 

One of mine, for example, is The Ultimate Guide For Preparing for Your Boudoir Photoshoot.” This works great because I’m educating my audience on what I want them to know about a boudoir session, how my sessions run, and talking a lot about my products.

The idea is basically to offer something you know your audience will be interested in and can actually use, which gives them a lot of incentive to sign up!


Now, one trick I’ve learned is that to get them on a list, sometimes you need a bigger incentive.

The incentive I’ve used for the past few years is a dollar-amount discount on their session fee. Mine is $100, but it really depends on many factors — your session fee, what it costs to run a session, etc.

So, if you find that maybe the fairs or freebies aren’t working as well as you want them to, and you can, add an incentive into the mix!

Email Marketing Tip #2: Have a Welcome Sequence

Did you know you’re most likely to book a session from someone who has JUST subscribed to your email list? That’s exactly why having a welcome sequence is so important. So take hold of that opportunity and use this to your advantage!
A welcome sequence is the first series of emails you send after someone opts into your newsletter — whether that’s through your freebie or a newsletter sign-up.

Here’s an example of how you can structure them:

  • Email #1: Immediately send a “thanks for signing up” email and let them know what they can expect from you going forward. If they signed up for a freebie, then use this email as the delivery for that offer!
  • Email #2: The next day, send one asking how you can help them. What do they want to know about booking a session with you? You can use “Re: how can I help?” as the subject line, for example. 
  • Email #3: On the third day, share more about you, your business, and some fun facts if you’re up for it!
  • Email #4: On the fourth day, answer some FAQs or questions you anticipate they may have about working with you. 
  • Email #5: On the fifth day, you can share what will happen on your email list moving forward. My subject line is “Friends?” for this one.

I know it may sound like a lot, but you need to give people plenty of time and opportunity to warm up to you. People are a lot more protective of their inboxes (and wallets/time!) than you may think.

Email Marketing Tip #3: Create a Year-Long Nurture Sequence

The next thing I recommend is to write out a year-long nurture sequence. I know that sounds intimidating, but I promise it’s not as scary as it sounds!

I like to write out a series of 52 emails to send, but the amount is up to you. The point, however, is to nurture people on your email list, in general, wherever they may be. 

It’s hard to make email marketing actually do the work for you if you’re getting people to sign up and then doing nothing past the welcome sequence and occasional newsletter. 

Here’s an example of 10 you might send as a boudoir photographer:

  • Body types for boudoir photography
  • The secret ingredient to look good in any photo
  • Vendor Recommendations (this one is great bc they WILL open it AND it helps you create an even better relationship with other businesses)
  • Your second boudoir session
  • Have you thought about an outdoor boudoir session?
  • Gift Ideas
  • Accessories
  • What to wear
  • Four reasons to book today
  • Celebrate your body
  • Client Spotlight
  • Modest Clients

And the best part is, once it’s written, you don’t have to write it again! Once a quarter, you just have to check in to make sure things are still working.

When I do this, I like to check the click rate and the open rate. A good open rate is about 15-20%, and a good click rate is about 1-3%, FYI. But if you find that your numbers are lower than the average, then you will need to make some adjustments. 

Other than that, the sequence takes care of itself and can be great for nurturing your existing audience. 

Email Marketing Tip #4: Plan Two Annual Sales Every Year

Finally, I recommend planning two annual sales each year. This is just enough to build anticipation for your audience but not too much pressure on you that you get overwhelmed or burn out. 

My two sales are exactly six months apart, every single year. One is Black Friday weekend, and the other is in May, usually around Memorial Day weekend. But honestly, you can do this whenever works best for your business. 

But the key is that they need to be six months apart to give you time to breathe, and to help build up that excitement. 

And they need to be SUPER intentional. The only ones who even KNOW these sales are happening are those on my email list (and a few who may be following my Instagram very closely). 

If you’re nurturing your email list like you should, then you WILL sell out every single year. I promise!

Want More Email Marketing Tips?

Want more boudoir photography business and marketing tips? I’ve got TONS more where this came from! Especially if you want to dive deeper into email marketing.

Be sure to check out Episode 14 of the Sustainable Freedom With Boudoir Photography Podcast — I’m giving you three more tips to make good use of your email list as a boudoir photographer.

And if you really want to take things to the next level, follow me here to learn more about Forever Booked Out. In this program, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about putting yourself out there and structuring your business so you’re consistently booked out with your dream clients!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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