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$12K in A Day | How Photographers Make Money

$12K in A Day | How Photographers Make Money | Tracy Lynn Coaching | See more at

How I Made 12K In A Day As A Boudoir Photographer

Have you ever wondered how photographers make money in a single day, and do it regularly? I used to, too, but in this video I’m breaking down exactly how I made $12,000 in a single day as a boudoir photographer and how you can do it, too.

Batching Your Days

We’ve all heard about batching, right? I think the first time I heard about it was when Jenna Kutcher mentioned it on her podcast.

I’ve found that batching my sessions into a single day and ordering sessions into one day as well is incredibly efficient for me. This allows me to concentrate my workload into just a few days, enjoying a whopping three weeks off every month. If you apply batching to streamline your schedule and increase your revenue, you’ll enjoy both a successful business and a thriving personal life.
However, it’s crucial to understand your capacity. While I can handle up to 8 sessions in a day, you need to gauge what works best for you without compromising the quality of your work or your personal well-being.

Master the Posing Sequence

The next thing you need to do is develop a consistent posing sequence ensures efficiency during shoots and helps produce a diverse portfolio that clients love. This was essential to my success in batching my shooting days. Having this posing sequence allows me to quickly move through poses, ensuring each client session is both thorough and concise.
The best part of having a standard posing sequence is that these are the photos you’re already posting online and what clients expect. They want to be in the one in those photos!
Even if you have a standard posing sequence, and your client wants to do something completely out of the box, you can create a customized posing sequence for that specific shoot to maximize the content you can create in that session, increasing your overall sale! This customized posing sequence is now what we do for each of our clients over at TK Boudoir with our updated client experience including the creative consultation.

Optimize Profit Margins

If you want to make $12,000 in a day, you have to ensure that your profit margins are where they need to be. Even after I hired my first associate photographer, with those expenses, my profit margins are still extremely healthy because I’ve taken the time to ensure my prices are exactly where they need to be for me to hit my desired sales average of $2500 per session.
For those wondering how I pay my associate photographers, we crafted a compensation model that motivates higher sales of premium products through a flat rate plus commission for larger sales, benefiting both the studio and the associate.
Regularly review your expenses and adjust your pricing strategy to ensure your business remains profitable and competitive.

Strategic Pricing & Marketing

I mentioned in the last section that I’ve designed a price list that encourages purchasing higher-tier packages. I consistently hit my $2500/session sales average by creating desirable collections, leveraging sales psychology.  ← Make sure you check out this podcast episode to learn more! 🙂
An intentional marketing strategy that highlights the unique aspects of your service will also significantly enhance client interest and booking rates. Focus on the channels where your clients are most active, and don’t shy away from showcasing your best work.
This might mean networking, email marketing, blogging and SEO–or search engine optimization– social media, or even bridal fairs!

How Photographers Make Money–It’s not a secret!

Implementing these strategies has not only optimized my workflow, but they have also significantly increased my earnings. This proves that strategic planning and client management are key to a profitable photography business.
Ready to transform your photography business? Join my free masterclass, “The Booked Out Photographer.”  Let’s get your schedule fully booked out–and keep it that way, forever!

Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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Sales Strategy As A Boudoir Photographer | Tracy Lynn Coaching | See more at

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