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How to Get Photography Clients: 3-Step Strategy to Book More Sessions

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I talk to a lot of photographers every day.  Some have been in business for years, and some are brand new, but they are all asking how to get photography clients.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if we all just opened for business and booked out our schedule immediately? Sadly, that’s not reality, and it’s also why a lot of businesses fail.  They don’t have the patience or determination to grow their business.

I know you’re different than those failed businesses, though, because you’re trying to figure out how to get more clients for your photography business.

I don’t want you to be in the failed business statistic so let’s talk about the 3-Step strategy to book more sessions.  Today, we’re talking about creating a marketing strategy, pricing confidently, and consistently showing up for your audience.

How to Get Photography Clients: 3-Step Strategy to Book More Sessions - the TLC way. See more at

The 3-Step Strategy to Book More Sessions

Let me lay out the 3-step strategy to book more photography clients.

1. How to get more clients as a photographer with a solid marketing strategy

Most of us want fast growth. We want to leave our 9-5 ASAP, grow our business like crazy, and make a lot of money.  So what we do is create our social media, post somewhat consistently, start engaging with profiles, and kind of just hope photography sessions fall in our lap.

This makes sense. Honestly, when we start we don’t really know better.  Why would we? We’ve never ran a business before. And besides that, all of the podcasts, blogs, and marketing gurus are saying that you just need to post on Instagram, engage, and cold DM.

But what if you had a photography marketing strategy in place that doesn’t require a lot of time? 

It’s totally possible, which brings us to sustainable growth and a proven marketing strategy.  

Real quick, let’s talk about slow and steady growth versus fast growth.  As much as we WANT fast growth, for long term and sustainable success, what we really NEED is slow and steady growth.

Fast growth isn’t something that can last long term. You don’t want to be a fad.  As cool as it is to go viral, it’s more like the 15 minutes of fame and then you fade off into the distance.  We don’t want that. We want a photography business that will last well into the future, right?

Sustainability is what we’re after.  Here are the 3 tips to a sustainable marketing plan.

  1. Focusing on your ideal client
  2. Nurturing through a complete marketing funnel from exposure to sale
  3. Creating an amazing experience for your client

What does this marketing strategy consist of?

  • A strategic website.  Your website is a conversion tool, not a business card.
  • Business and client referrals and in person events(I.e. bridal fairs)
  • Social media
  • An email marketing strategy to nurture warm leads.

2. Be confident in your pricing when you get an inquiry.

A lot of us just throw out a number when we start our photography business and hope that clients book a session.  If they don’t, we think that it means we’re too expensive. 

This makes sense, because honestly… we just don’t know better.

But… are clients really booking because of price? Do they truly care about  a $20, $100, or even a $1000 price different depending on what you offer?

No, they don’t. They’re not buying right now because they see that YOU aren’t confident in what you offer.  Why would THEY be confident in what you offer?

So, how can you become confident in your pricing?

First of all, you have to know your cost of sales and cost of doing business so you know you’re making money.  It’s easier to be confident when you know what the exact number is that you have to make to stay in business.

That’s the logical and data driven side.

But as photographers, we just have a hard time asking for money for what we do. Why do we deserve to get paid for doing what we love?  We’re so lucky to do this for a living.

In reality, though, we’re business owners. We have to(and deserve to) make a living, a more than comfortable living preferably.

Take a look at your prices, cost of doing business, and your actual sales. I’d be willing to bet that you have room to increase your prices.  All you’re lacking is a bit of confidence.

How to Get Photography Clients: 3-Step Strategy to Book More Sessions with TLC. See more at

3. Consistently show up.

Many of us say our priority is getting clients for photography business, but our actions aren’t proving it.

Instead of showing up consistently, we’re there randomly.   Two days here, a few days there.  Then we ghost for 2 weeks. Then, randomly we show back up for a week.

It’s understandable because if you aren’t seeing results and booking photography clients regularly, it’s pretty hard to keep showing up.   It gets you down…

Did you know it takes seeing something at least 7 times before someone takes action. 

If you want consistent photography client, you have to show up consistently.  

That means even when you don’t want to, or you’re tired or just down on yourself.   

That means you can’t skip a few days or disappear and then randomly show back up and expect results. 

You have to stay front and center to stay top of mind.

If you need to be out for a bit for vacation or whatever, schedule your emails and social media. Write a few extra blogs and schedule them to post.

No matter what, show up.

Now, you know how to get photography clients

The 3-step strategy to book more session is simple.  First create a solid marketing strategy, be confident in your pricing, and lastly, you HAVE to show up consistently for your audience.

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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