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Raising Pets and Your Business: How To Manage a New Pet and Business Venture

Raising Pets and Your Business: How To Manage a New Pet and Business Venture

Guest Post by Jessica Brody

Starting a new business from home takes a lot of work, and adding a pet to your household comes with its own challenges. If you have an idea to offer your community, state, or country, you may be starting the steps necessary to create your own business. If you also have a brand-new pet, you may begin to feel overwhelmed regarding life-work balance. Follow these tips to manage both of these exciting new ventures in your life.

Create a Routine for You and Your Furry Friend

Humans and pets alike thrive when there is a routine to follow. For people, having a routine can improve their overall health. When you have a consistent schedule, you do not have to stress over whether you can finish all your tasks on time. Everything has a time. Without a routine, you may feel like you have to play catch-up constantly. This can lead to missed sleep and meals and reliance on fast food.

Pets also require routine, especially dogs. Canines thrive when they do not have to worry about what may happen next. When pets do not have a routine, they may feel more stress and anxiety and exhibit destructive behavior. Give your dog specific times for feeding, walks, and play.

When working for yourself, you may feel like you have a lot of freedom, but you need to schedule everything you do to start a business. Write your daily schedule into a planner and stick to it. At the beginning of your day, when you may have the most focus, you should finish what is most important to your business. Set clear boundaries and work hours for yourself for more productivity.

Raising Pets and Your Business: How To Manage a New Pet and Business Venture

Give Your Pet a Designated Area

Does your pet have a place to rest when you work? Ensure that any space for your animal is safe. For example, you can place a dog crate under your desk or a cat tree in the corner, or set up any other space for your pets nearby.

When your pet has a safe space to rest, you can focus on work and return to your animal when finished. Try to spend as much time with your pet as possible for better mental health for both of you. For example, take your lunch break with your new companion.

Seek Help When Necessary

Do not be afraid to ask for help as you settle into life with your new pet. Animals occupy a lot of time and so does a brand-new business. If necessary, get a pet sitter or assistant to help with all of your tasks. As a new business owner, you may need to learn to delegate tasks to employees or others involved in your business. Do not fall into the trap of believing only you can do the job with no mistakes. Learn what others can do for you and what others have passion for, and use it to the company’s advantage.

Building your business properly helps create a smooth process. Consider forming a limited liability company for your business. According to the IRS, an LLC is a flexible business structure limiting your liability that also offers tax benefits. A formation service such as ZenBusiness can save you time when setting up your business. Just be sure you understand the regulations in your state.

With the right strategies, you can remain productive and stay on top of pet care and a new business alike. Scheduling a routine and hiring help can keep you on task and strengthen the bond between you and your pet as you get your company off the ground.

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