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Photography Marketing Mistakes You Need to AVOID in 2024

Photography Marketing Mistakes You Need to AVOID in 2024 | See more at

Are you struggling to get new photography clients into your business? You may be unknowingly making huge mistakes in your marketing strategy. Today, we’ll cover the three most common photography marketing mistakes and what to do instead. These strategies have allowed me to book out my photography schedule and have helped my coaching clients achieve the same results. Let’s chat about what mistakes you definitely don’t want to be making in 2024.

Running Facebook Ads Too Early

One common mistake photographers make is running Facebook ads too early. Many photographers jump into Facebook ads without having a solid foundation for their business. This often happens when:

Insufficient Funds: Early in their business, photographers may not have the extra funds to invest in ads.

Lack of a Backup Plan: If Facebook ads don’t work, they don’t have another strategy to book clients.

I boosted a few Facebook ads in 2016 when my business was just starting. I quickly realized I didn’t like paying for ads, especially when I understood I could attract clients with an organic strategy. An organic strategy involves methods that don’t require paid advertising, like SEO, a high-converting website, blogging, email marketing, social media, networking, and attending events like bridal fairs.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Organic Strategies

Short-Term Strategies: These bring clients in immediately. Examples include bridal fairs, vendor fairs, and partnerships with other businesses. These efforts focus on booking clients right now.

Long-Term Strategies: These take longer to yield results but are essential for sustainable business growth. Examples include building a high-converting website, creating a blogging strategy, and optimizing your website for search engines. While you’re hustling to book clients now, you also need to work on long-term strategies to ensure continuous bookings.

Clients who find you through Google and read every word on your website are usually ready to book and become amazing clients. They are well-informed and prepared to spend on your services if your website is set up correctly.

Mismanaging Facebook Groups

Another mistake is running a Facebook group. While some photographers use Facebook groups to run sales and engage with clients, these groups can be very time-consuming. I had a VIP Facebook group for my photography business, but I haven’t managed it in years because it wasn’t worth the effort.

Instead of pouring time into a Facebook group, consider building your organic strategy. If you need clients immediately, collaborate with other businesses that already serve your ideal clients. Run giveaways or sales with these businesses to grow your email list, increase Instagram followers, and drive traffic to your website. This approach allows you to reach a new audience without exhausting your efforts on the same small group of people all year.

Overusing Flash Sales

Photographers often rely on flash sales when they have open slots in their schedule. While this might seem like a quick fix, it conditions clients to wait for sales instead of booking at full price. This practice can devalue your services and make your business appear desperate.

Instead, plan your yearly sales strategically. I run two sales per year in my business: a semi-annual sale in May or early June and a Black Friday sale. These sales are intentional and well-communicated to my clients, mainly through my email list. By nurturing your email subscribers throughout the year, they know what to expect and are more likely to book during these planned sales.

How to Run Strategic Sales

Here’s how I run my sales:

Session Fee: Offer a $99 session fee instead of the typical $299.

Print Credit: Include a $150 print credit, which can be used towards prints or albums.

Minimum Purchase: Ensure clients spend a minimum of $550, which gives them an $850 value.

Even with this discount, my sales average $2,500 per session. This strategy books out my slow seasons and keeps my schedule steady year-round.

Avoid these common photography marketing mistakes to grow your business.

By avoiding these common photography marketing mistakes, you can streamline your business and attract the right clients. Focus on building a robust organic strategy, collaborate with other businesses, and plan your sales strategically. These approaches will help you maintain a steady flow of clients and grow your photography business sustainably.

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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