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044. Three Steps To Fall In Love With The In-Person Sales Session

3 Steps To Fall In Love With Your IPS Session In Your Photography Business // Tracy Lynn Coaching | TLC Education |See more at

IPS or In-Person Sales sessions are my favorite part of the entire boudoir photography experience.  With these three steps, let’s make it YOUR favorite part of the experience as well. 

A lot of boudoir photographers avoid IPS because they don’t know how it works, they’re scared of feeling salesy, or they’re just totally overwhelmed at the thought of it. By avoiding IPS, they are leaving so much money on the table. 

In this episode, I’m giving you the three steps to help you fall in love with IPS in your boudoir photography business.

An In-Person Sales Session shouldn’t scare boudoir photographers.

In-Person Sales sessions may also be called an IPS session, a viewing and ordering session, a viewing session, or an ordering session. Some photographers also call it a reveal.

Whatever you call it, the steps are still the same.

Step 1: Prepare your photography client before their In-Person Sales session.

Preparing your photography client prior to an IPS session should be a no-brainer, right? But sometimes we forget that our clients may not know exactly how the entire experience works.

Ways to prepare them: 

  • In your messaging in all of your marketing efforts–but especially on your blog. 
  • In your inquiry email
  • At consults, if you do one.

I use the same spiel everywhere… and it works for what I need. Sure there will be some clients who want a little more information, and that’s okay. I give it to them if I need to…

… but most of them are perfectly happy with what I’m about to tell you.  Okay–this is what I have on my website on the investment page. 

“Images are not included with the session fee. Albums start at $499 and go up to $4599. Most clients spend between $1-2000. And that gets them between 10 and 20 photos.”

That’s all the information they typically have before a session. 

Step 2: Make it less about pricing and more about the entire experience.

Early in business, we make pricing a bigger deal than it needs to be–and usually, it’s because of our own money mindset issues.  When you just send over the pricing guide, you are the one making it about money.

Maybe they asked about pricing, but to be honest, it’s not because they’re price shopping.  Some might be, but most aren’t.

Usually, they just don’t know what to ask, and that’s the easiest way to start a conversation.

If you just give them an idea of what they might spend, then start talking about the session, how fun it is, and planning their outfits, they aren’t thinking about the money anymore…

… they’re already planning the session in their head and getting excited to work with YOU. 

I want you to really focus on your attitude when someone sends a question about pricing.  Think to yourself–how can YOU turn the conversation into more of a discussion about how fun the session is instead of all about money?

And while you’re thinking about this… Are you making the session more about money?  Do you have money mindset issues that need to be addressed?

If the answer is yes, just know that’s okay, but be honest with yourself so you can start overcoming this issue. 

Step 3. Collect those big In-Person Sales session checks–in full or with payment plans.

If you follow steps 1 and 2, then you will EASILY be able to make those big sales you see other photographers making all the time. Something that’s helped me increase my sales average is to offer payment plans.

Are In-Person Sales session payment plans something you would want to offer? 

If so, you’re probably wondering, how can you get started? 

First, find a payment plan authorization form. Quickbooks has one. I know the Lawtog has a payment plan contract bundle, Honeybook might have one. You can also google them as well.

The main thing you want to do is run the payments yourself or let your system run them automatically.

What you don’t want to do is chase down invoices and hope clients pay. That’s not a sustainable business.

Make sure your clients understand you’re running these payments yourself on a set date each month. 

How should you run your In-Person Sales session?

I want you to know you can run your ordering sessions however you want them to run. 

If you want to do all In-Person Sales sessions in person and make it a huge experience, you totally can.

If you want to run it on zoom and save both you and your client a lot of time, you can do that too. 

It’s 100% up to you. What matters most is what’s best for YOU.  Remember, this business is your business, and it needs to work for you.

How do you get started with In-Person Sales sessions?

If you only get ONE thing out of this episode, I want you to remember that you started your business for more time and money freedom–more sustainability.

IPS might feel super overwhelming and like–how do i even start? Where do I start? 

The best way to switch to IPS is to just make the switch! 

When you do–you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel… you’ll see how your photography business CAN give you that time and financial freedom you are dreaming about.

And in the process, maybe you’ll start to enjoy it too.

Want more???

If this episode resonates with you, maybe you want a little bit more help with pricing or the entire boudoir experience? Be sure to download my free PDF “Five Targets To Spot-Check In Your Boudoir Business This Year.” 

This PDF is the blueprint to hit six-figures in the next 12 months. If you want sustainable freedom, it was made for you!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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