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052. Three Boudoir Photography Session Pricing Strategies (Avoid THIS Boudoir Session Fees Mistake)

052. Three Boudoir Photography Session Pricing Strategies (Avoid THIS Boudoir Session Fees Mistake) | See more at

Like pricing, boudoir session fees are hard to nail down–even if it feels like they really shouldn’t be that complicated. This industry has so many different opinions that we are constantly second-guessing ourselves.

Strategies for Pricing Your Boudoir Session Fees

When we start working together, one of the first questions I get asked by any of my clients–private, mastermind, and even my group coaching clients is, “What should I charge per session?

052. Three Boudoir Photography Session Pricing Strategies (Avoid THIS Boudoir Session Fees Mistake) | See more at

Boudoir photography pricing is confusing no matter how long you’ve been in business.

And it’s not just shoot & burn(the all-digital model) OR IPS (In Person Sales). This question comes up regardless of your business model. 

Pricing may always seem confusing–but it doesn’t have to be.

1. Pricing your boudoir session fees high

 This session fee would be $400-500 and above range. With this strategy, you’re attracting the client already prepared to spend money on their session. 

These clients understand what they’re diving into IS a luxury. 

2. Pricing your photography session fees low

Anything below $100 is a lower session fee–some might even consider $200 or less low boudoir session fees. 

A common belief is that low session fees bring in cheap clients. And they can–without the right marketing strategy.

Side Tangent:

Did you know that a photographer spends at least eight hours on each client, from initial contact to delivery of the final product, regardless of whether they’re shoot & burn or IPS?

This doesn’t include time spent marketing or doing other business-related tasks–this is strictly session time.

And typically, ⅓ of a photographer’s time is spent on marketing and administration tasks.

8 hours / 1/3 = 2.6(ish)

2.6(ish)hour + 8 hours = 10.5 hours

With EVERYTHING that goes into a photography business, you’re spending 10.5 hours per client in your industry. 

If you’re charging $100, you’re getting $9.50 an hour–before tax. The federal minimum wage is $7.25. That’s not a livable wage in 2023. 

And if you own your own business, it’s not enough.

3. Pricing your session fees in the mid-range.

I think this is the perfect happy place. Not too big and not too small, ya know? 

These mid-range session fees are typically in the $2-500 range.

My sessions are priced at $299, and I genuinely think that this is one reason my schedule stays full of great clients who love what I offer and are happy to pay for it. 

Your boudoir session fees have more to do with your ideal client than your business.

When deciding your session fees, consider who your ideal client is. This is the most important thing.

Who do you love spending time with? Do you WANT to photograph bougie clients? Or would you prefer to photograph everyday women? 

Who do YOU enjoy the most? This little detail that most people overlook is important when planning your photography session fee strategy. 

Session Fee Formula

Now I want to give you my formula for understanding what you HAVE to charge per session fee.

Studio Rent + Utilities + Hair & Makeup(if you include it) = SESSION FEES

The thing is, you also have to know how many clients you need per year to figure this out. If you need help, my Full-Time Formula will give you this information. 

For example, let’s say you need to book 50 clients per year. Your studio rent each month is $750. Your Utilities run about $50/month.

Clients Per Month: 50/12= 4 clients per month

Rent Per Client: $750/4 clients= $187

Utilities per client: $50//4=$12

(Studio Rent) $187 + (Utilities) $12 + (HMUA)100 = $299 Session Fee

Now that you know what to charge, consider your ideal client when setting your session fee. 

Should you raise the price to attract her? Or do you think it’s fine in this mid-range? 

And then, consider if your price list is built to hit your sales average goal.

Your marketing strategy is important!

If you get one thing from this episode, I want you to understand how important your marketing strategy is all the time–even when planning something as simple as your session fees. 

When you give clients enough information before the session to prepare them, they understand the work you put into your business. They value what you offer.  

And they understand that they need an album or wall portrait and printed photos.

Once you put effort into helping your clients feel at ease with the process and feel prepared before their session, booking sessions becomes easy.

It makes you not just the obvious choice but the ONLY choice. Why would they go anywhere else? 

You’re the expert!

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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