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054. How to Rank On Google With Your Photography Website(BEST Photography Website SEO Tips To Implement ASAP) | Marcella of Love & Sunshine Photography

054. How to Rank On Google With Your Photography Website(BEST Photography Website SEO Tips To Implement ASAP) | Marcella of Love & Sunshine Photography | See more at

Ranking on Google is a goal for every photographer–after receiving a few photography website SEO tips to understand how important it really is.

When Marcella came to me as a newbie photographer in 2021, she had heard of SEO–search engine optimization. Still, she didn’t know what to do with the information she had.

By the time our year together in coaching was up, she was ranking for the main keywords in her area. And last year, she even booked out her fall schedule. The year before, she only booked two clients!

Who is Marcella of Love & Sunshine Photography?

Marcella is the sweetest soul with the cutest family. As a wife and a mom( of the cutest toddler boy)–you can hear him playing in the background throughout this interview–she knows how important memories are. That’s the main reason she started her photography business.

She owns Love & Sunshine Photography of Calgary, Alberta. Her mission is to help women who love deeply turn fading memories into beautiful imagery that helps celebrate all the love & sunshine in their lives.

She booked out her schedule with these photography website SEO Tips.

One of the most important photography website SEO tips Marcella used was how to decide on her main keyword, which was “Calgary lifestyle photographer.” Once she knew what keyword she needed to use, she strategically placed it on her website to help her rank. 

And then, she started blogging using my TLC Blog Formula. This formula lays out exactly how and where to use your keywords strategically throughout a blog to help it rank. 

And it definitely helped her rank. 

Two years ago, she was nowhere to be found on Google. Last year, she was on page 1!

She said she booked about 30% of her clients from one blog post. There seemed to be a massive difference in the type of clientele from Google vs. social media.

The ones from Google were ready to book immediately. Instagram leads need to be talked into booking. 


Where she was in business prior to working with TLC Education: 1:46

Where she was last year: 2:36

How she started ranking on google: 3:55

Her thoughts on blogging vs. writing in general: 5:31

How long it takes her to write one blog: 5:44

Current marketing strategy: 7:10

Her reasons for using Google instead of focusing on Instagram: 7:54

Learning SEO/Google strategies: 8:28

Google clients vs. Instagram clients: 8:57

Her photography/business background: 10:51

More on Google vs. instagram clients: 11:38

When she first picked up a camera: 12:26

How ranking on Google has helped her life: 13:32

How she copes with comparison syndrome: 14:43

Business side of photography: 16:29

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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