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Download the ONE PAGE Marketing Strategy to book photography clients (without using Facebook Ads)

3 Free Ways to Market Your Boudoir Photography Business and Book Out Your Schedule

I was on a call with a private coaching client recently, and she asked me a question that got me thinking. She wanted to know when to quit her day job to go full-time in her boudoir photography business. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to make her side hustle the main star. And if she was, how could she book out her schedule and market her new business successfully?

One thing you don’t have to do is pour thousands of dollars into a social media platform every month to advertise your business. (Yep, that’s what other photography educators are preaching.) Instead, try these three free tips that’ll get your photography business booked.


What is the Million Dollar Facebook Ads Strategy?

Everyone in the photography business space has been talking about the Million Dollar Facebook Ads Strategy. This strategy guarantees they hit 7-figures each year, but what they fail to mention is most photographers are shooting every day!

In short, this strategy requires you to invest about $3,000 to $4,000 per month in Facebook ads. That’s a lot to pay to keep your schedule booked out! 

Honestly, I don’t recommend this method because it will keep you hustling really hard. You have to make that money back by working every spare minute you can. And it’s not worth it if you burn yourself out. 

3 Tips for a Better Photography Marketing Strategy

Social media can be a great tool for engaging your audience and showing off your work to your followers. But don’t limit yourself to social media ads when marketing your business! There are other free, budget-friendly ways to attract your target audience and book out your schedule. 

Here are a few tips that’ll help you build a better marketing strategy and take your business full-time, if you’re ready.


The first step in figuring out how to make your photography business your full-time career or hit your six-figure goal? Calculate how much you need to make each month. That involves knowing your sales average goal, your revenue goals, and how many clients your schedule can handle. 

This will help you understand how much you need to work to hit your goals and make a profit. And you’ll probably find that you don’t actually need the number of clients you planned to take on to keep up with a Facebook ads strategy. 

Want to know how to price to hit your goals? Check out these tips for pricing as a boudoir photographer!


One benefit of Facebook ads is that they can generate a lot of traffic for your business. But that doesn’t always mean that the traffic is worth your time. Most of the time, those leads will not be your ideal client. You need to market your boudoir photography business to your ideal client so you’re not wasting your time. (Or theirs!)  Think quality, not quantity.

Think about who your ideal client is. Who do you love working with and why? What qualities do these clients share? What does your ideal client look for in a boudoir session, and how can you attract her to your business?


If you’ve been depending on Facebook ads to market your boudoir photography business lately, you might be taking more consult calls than you expected. That’s because higher traffic = more inquiries. But this isn’t necessary. In fact, it’s kind of a waste — especially if you’re speaking to not-so-ideal clients like we just talked about.

Rather than rely on Facebook, I definitely recommend using your website to convert leads into clients. Your photography website should tell potential clients everything they need to know about working with you before they ask, like your experience, session fees, and past work.  

Once your website is up, work on driving traffic to it. There are so many ways to do this without spending a ton on ads! 

Like having a great Google Business Profile, using social media to expand your reach, and optimizing your website for SEO. Attending vendor or bridal fairs and networking in person helps, too. Make those connections, and then send people to your website.

Need help marketing your photography biz?

You can build the photography business of your dreams, with the hours you want to work and the clients you want to serve, without hustling and grinding.

Get clear on your goals, speak to your ideal clients, and focus on driving traffic to your website to find those quality leads. Taking your boudoir business full-time and/or growing it to reach your goals doesn’t have to require tons of your money or energy!

But let’s say you’ve jotted down these tips and others you’ve found in my podcast or blog. And you’re hoping for a little more support. I’ve got you! That’s why I created 6-Figures Simplified, a group coaching program that will help you build the most successful, balanced, and sustainable version of your biz. 

When you join, you get step-by-step guidance to streamline your boudoir business from every angle. We tackle one thing at a time, simplifying, strengthening, and growing every aspect of your biz, from marketing to pricing to sessions and more. Wanna learn more about 6-Figures Simplified? Ready to save your spot? Join here and I’ll see you soon.


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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