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100. The Real Reason For My Boudoir Photography Rebrand + How It Went

100. The Real Reason For My Boudoir Photography Business Rebrand + How It Went | See more at
This is a super special episode because we’re celebrating our 100th episode by diving into the real reason behind our boudoir photography rebrand and all the juicy results!
Ashley, my online business manager and lead STL photographer, joined me for this podcast. She was a luxury wedding photographer and shared a mentor with me. She’s phenomenal with weddings, lighting, and posing, and we’re thrilled to have her on board both in our boudoir brand and with Tracy Lynn Coaching.

Why We Decided to Rebrand the Boudoir Business

A Sellable Business Needs a Sellable Name

When starting your photography journey, you might not think about the long-term implications of your business name. Our biggest mistake was naming the business after me, Tracy Lynn. Ashley made the same error with her wedding photography brand.
This decision made bringing an associate photographer on board difficult because clients expected me to be their photographer. Even though Ashley is incredible, clients found it hard to trust her because they were initially promised my services. We knew we had to change the name when Ashley suggested expanding to other cities.
To secure our retirement, we needed a sellable business, and “Boudoir by Tracy Lynn” wasn’t going to cut it.

Disconnect Between Messaging and Experience

Another major reason for the photography rebrand was the disconnect between our messaging and the actual client experience. My shooting style and approach were very different from Ashley’s. While I took a more traditional approach, Ashley took more time with clients and customized their experience.
This inconsistency left clients confused and sometimes disappointed. A rebrand was necessary to align our messaging with the exceptional service we offer.

Our Ideal Client Changed

Our target market evolved, necessitating a rebrand. While bridal boudoir clients are wonderful, they are not our sole focus anymore.
Ashley and I are in our late 30s and connect better with an older crowd. These clients want to feel beautiful, seen, desired, and appreciated.
And more importantly, they also have more disposable income than brides, who often have smaller orders funded by their parents. Our new brand reflects this shift in focus, catering to women who seek a luxurious, personalized experience.

Hesitations to a Boudoir Photography Rebrand

Rebranding for the Right Reasons

It’s crucial to take on a boudoir photography rebrand for the right reasons. We rebranded to eliminate the disconnect with our audience, create a sellable business for the future, and facilitate our expansion.
Don’t rebrand just because it seems fun or you saw someone else do it. Understand the real need behind your decision.

SEO and Initial Confusion

One concern with rebranding is the potential hit to SEO. However, with strategic efforts, you can regain your SEO rankings.
Initially, there might be confusion among clients and peers. Some friends might even think someone stole your work. It’s a hurdle that can be overcome with clear communication and persistence.

Rebrand is Not Just Your Logo

Rebranding goes beyond changing your logo. Your messaging needs to be crystal clear. We cleaned up our client experience, from the first contact to post-delivery. This included changing our website and Instagram strategy. We also hired professionals for web and brand design, which sped up the process.

Things We Did Right

The Launch Party

Our launch party was a massive success. The excitement leading up to it was fantastic. We shared extensively on social media, dedicating over 80 hours a week to the effort. One thing we could have improved was posting reels before the launch party to boost the algorithm. Ideally, we should have had a 30-day launch period instead of just three days. Our messaging focused on women aged 30-50, encouraging them to rediscover their beauty. We also emphasized our luxurious experience, considering past client feedback.

The Giveaway

We hosted a giveaway to generate buzz around our rebrand. It was a great success, though the exact strategy is exclusive to our 6FS members. This approach helped us engage with our audience and build excitement.

The One Big Takeaway!

If you take away one thing from this episode, it’s that you can rebrand your photography business–for the right reasons. Don’t just rebrand because it sounds fun or you heard this episode. If there’s a genuine need for a rebrand, it can be scary but worth it. If you don’t need a rebrand but want more momentum, consider hosting a fun event to reinvigorate your business.
If you’re interested in a masterclass on our rebranding process, let us know in the DMs. Rebranding can be a powerful tool for growth and sustainability in your photography business.

Announcing 15-Minute Free Coaching Calls!

In honor of our 100th episode and the rebrand, we’re offering something special: 15-minute free coaching calls. You can discuss any topic you want, and I’ll provide insights on offerings that can help you achieve your goals. Honestly, they’ll probably be a little longer than 15 minutes!

Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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