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024. Elements of a Successful Boudoir Business | Tracy Lynn Coaching

Elements of a Successful Boudoir Business (That Aren’t Your Photography Skills) // Sustainable Freedom with Photography Podcast hosted by Tracy Lynn of Tracy Lynn Coaching and Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

2 Elements of a Successful Boudoir Business (That Aren’t Your Photography Skills)

What makes your boudoir photography business a success? Like, what does it take? Sure, you need some skill behind the camera. Creativity helps. Knowing how to encourage clients to feel comfortable to look natural and beautiful helps, too.

That’s the “photography” side of the business. What about the “business” side of your business? To me, the two biggest elements of a successful boudoir business are:

  1. pricing your services according to your worth 
  2. having an effective marketing strategy.

For creative professionals like you and me, the photography side is usually a breeze. It’s these other elements that can be challenging. But I’m here to help you out, so let’s talk about how you can price your services accurately and market your business well.

How to use your sales average to price your services

How do you price your services to reflect your value to your photography clients, cover your business expenses, and pay yourself fairly?

It’s possible, I promise. But I want to say this and get it out of the way first: You will never feel like your price list is perfect. Or, when it does feel that way, it may not stay that way for very long. And that’s okay!

Your price list will always evolve because your business will grow and change, too. There are other factors you don’t really have control of either, like inflation or, say, a global pandemic.

That said, I’ve been tweaking my price list recently, and I finally feel like I have it right. How do I know? My sales average has increased by several hundred dollars.

Your sales average = your total sales/number of ordering sessions.

It’s an important number to calculate. If you know how many clients your schedule can handle and what your income goal is, you can determine what sales average to shoot for in order to hit your salary goals.

Then you can create a price list that’ll help you hit that sales average. Neat, right? 

If you’re kinda iffy with numbers and need more help calculating your sales average, my TLC Education Course Bundle is on sale now through Halloween! The TLC Photography Pricing Course is one of three courses included, which will teach you everything you need to know about pricing.

You’ll need a marketing strategy to go along with that amazing price list, so let’s talk about that next.

H2: Think long-term when it comes to marketing

There’s a reason that big corporations and larger companies can (and do) hire marketers to handle all of it for them. It’s a job all on its own, and it has a huge impact on your business.

That’s not to say that you can’t have an effective marketing strategy of your own! You can create an efficient marketing strategy that works for your photography business — rather than struggle with marketing campaigns that just feel like extra work on top of everything else you have to do.

The first thing I encourage you to do is show up online consistently. Don’t be the photographer who talks to their followers when they’re trying to book sessions and increase their cash flow. That feels desperate.

Create valuable content for your clients and keep sharing it. To save time, you can even create content in batches and schedule social media, blog posts, or podcasts and vlogs in advance.

Speaking to the right audience is just as important. If you’re not, you’re wasting your time, and the time of whoever you’re sharing content with! Be sure to do your research and find out who your ideal client is, as well as who your current audience is. Then you’ll know what kind of content to create that leads to conversions and bookings.

If I can give you one last piece of advice about marketing, it’s this: think long-term. Remember that marketing isn’t a one-and-done solution or a quick fix.

Invest time into your marketing strategy now; it will pay off. Build marketing into the foundation of your business as early as you can. Put in that work so that your marketing efforts can run on autopilot later!

Want to learn more about pricing and marketing?

Pricing and marketing have quite an impact on your photography business. That’s why it can be so nerve-wracking trying to put together your pricing list or how to get leads for your business. And this is all on top of managing the photography side of your business, like shooting your beautiful clients.

With the tips I just shared, I hope I gave you the confidence you might have needed to improve and strengthen the “business” side of your boudoir business. It may not come as naturally to you as taking beautiful photographs, but it doesn’t have to! All it takes is hard work and determination. You got this. 

And if you’d like more detailed, comprehensive guidance on pricing and marketing your photography business, I have exciting news!

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Elements of a Successful Boudoir Business (That Aren’t Your Photography Skills) // Sustainable Freedom with Photography Podcast hosted by Tracy Lynn of Tracy Lynn Coaching and Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

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If you’re open to learning and you want to start building a successful boudoir business now, I have more to teach you with the TLC Course Bundle. Get yours today!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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