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5 Tips to Help Your Grow Your Boudoir Photography Business in 2024

In 2013, I picked up a camera for the first time ever. I was living in Oklahoma, in a very unhealthy relationship, stuck in survival mode for years. And although I had a good job, I was just trying to make ends meet. 

Photography quickly became my creative outlet during that time of my life. It gave me the chance to meet new people, go to workshops, travel alone a lot, and, to be honest, learn who I was as a person instead of just being miserable all the time.

When I say my camera changed my life, I’m not kidding. 

Fast forward to 2016, and I moved to St. Louis. Right then and there, I decided it was time to make photography my full-time job so I could have freedom in my life and get to do more of what I wanted. 

For the next year, I worked really hard to hit a number that would allow me to do that. And in  December 2017, I was FINALLY able to turn this into my full-time job. 

But what happened in the in-between? How exactly did I get there? That’s what I’m talking about in this post. 

If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, take these tips to help you grow your boudoir photography business — and know that it does get better! 


Business Tip #1: Nail Down Your Pricing Strategy

Pricing isn’t something you can just wing — it’s something that requires a lot of strategy.

But the thing with pricing is that it shouldn’t be determined by what your local “competitors” are charging. It should 100% be based on what you need to pay yourself a number that you’re comfortable with. A number that pays you enough and allows you to work only the hours you WANT to work. 

So let’s say that you want to pay yourself $4,000 each month. Based on the average photographer’s expenses, your photography business would need to bring in about $11,500 (most photographers’ salaries are 35% of their revenue.)

But let’s say you only have time for eight clients per month. That means you need to have a sales average per client of $1,400. To have a sales average of $1,400, you would create a price list that will drive your clients to purchase albums around that $1,400 mark. 

I know that’s a lot of numbers, but I didn’t tell you all of that to confuse you. I wanted you to understand how it’s not just throwing numbers on a website and calling it a day. I wanted to show you that you need a pricing strategy that is based on YOU, your business, and your lifestyle.

That’s it!

Business Tip #2: Have a Studio Space

The second thing I did to grow my photography business was lease a studio — even though I had NO sessions on my calendar. 

I’m one of those people who is motivated by pressure. If I know I have literally no other choice BUT to make things work, I will make it work. Even though I had NO business whatsoever in leasing a studio at this point.

With no sessions on my calendar, I wasn’t able to guarantee I could pay my lease at all. So the pressure motivated me. 

I do want to note that this is absolutely NOT what I would recommend anyone do. Instead, I recommend finding a local photography studio, Airbnb, or hotel that fits your brand and the style you want to shoot, and rent that out on a temporary basis. 

When you’re booking, try to book as many as you can in one day to cut costs. And then when you start staying about 50% booked out a few months in advance, THEN you can start looking for a photography studio with a good setup

Don’t jump into it too fast, even if you work well under pressure. You CANNOT guarantee the payout. 

Business Tip #3: Focus on Your Business FIRST, Then Your Portfolio

With all of my heart, I think it’s SO important to build a solid foundation in your business before you focus on the art. I’ve seen so many talented photographers fail at business while the not-as-talented photographers are making a ton of money.

Here’s the thing…you can ALWAYS improve your photography skills, and you can always LEARN how to be a good photographer. But being a good photographer doesn’t mean you can make this a full-time gig. 

However, having business know-how will! 

You can always become a better photographer over time. But if you don’t have solid business practices and good marketing in place, you won’t have clients to photograph —  and you’ll be outta business before you can become great!

Business Tip #4: Create a Website

Don’t have a website yet? I highly recommend getting started with one ASAP!

A website is one of the best marketing tools you can have as a photographer. It’s where you send leads when they’re deciding if they want to work with you. It’s where you house your portfolio, and show off your work. Think of it like a hub for your business!

So that means your website should be very high converting — which means it should take a lead and turn them into a client as quickly as possible. 

But to do that, you REALLY need to know who your ideal client is

If you already have a website, take some time to think about how your ideal client would move along the customer journey on your website. 

Is it easy to book a session with you? Do you provide enough information to help them know you’re really the photographer for them? Do you have a portfolio to show them what types of pictures they can expect?

And if you don’t have a website yet…I recommend figuring this out BEFORE you build your website! It’ll be so much easier to design one with all this in mind. 

Business Tip #5: Go to Bridal and Vendor Fairs

Bridal and vendor fairs are PRIME opportunities for boudoir photographers to find, and book, new clients. You’re in front of a large number of people who are potentially your ideal client!

But even if they don’t book with you right off the bat, you get the long-term benefit of having their email addresses on your email list. And with all those people attending, just THINK about the number of email addresses that is! 

While these leads may not book a session with you immediately, once they’re on your list, you can nurture them so they do eventually.

Don’t knock it till you try it — some of my favorite clients came from a bridal fair I was at in 2017. And while they were on my list for several years before they finally booked a session with me, they did book!

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If you only get one thing from this episode, I want you to see that you can actually make your dreams of running a successful boudoir photography business a reality. And it all starts with having an actual plan to help you get where you want to go. 

A strategic plan will help to ensure that you hit your business goals — no matter what they are. 

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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