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Prepare For Your Summer Boudoir Photography Sale

Prepare for your Boudoir Photography Sale | Tracy Lynn Coaching | See more at

Preparing your Audience for your Boudoir Photography Sale

Do you want to know all the secrets to a successful boudoir photography sale that will not only book your calendar out, but also make you more money than you ever thought possible?
Go ahead and bookmark this page now, because you’ll want to return to this episode. It is FULL of knowledge that I wish I had when I was trying to plan my first profitable sale.

So You Want to Plan a Profitable Boudoir Photography Sale?

Your boudoir photography sale is more than just a marketing gimmick or quick cash. It should actually be a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. It will help you attract your ideal client and build lasting relationships with them.

The Right Timing

Let’s start with the timing of your boudoir photography sale. Traditionally, many photographers–me included–have launched their sales around holidays like Memorial Day weekend. However, this timing can sometimes backfire due to potential clients being preoccupied with other things.
Now, we target either the weeks leading up to Memorial Day or early June. During these periods, potential clients are more likely to be attentive and responsive, not yet in the full swing of summer plans. Or honestly, calming down from their Memorial Day weekend!

Structuring an Irresistible Offer

Now, the core of your sale lies in the offer itself. For a profitable boudoir photography sale, you’ll need to create an offer that feels luxurious, yet accessible. For our sale, we do a $99 session fee (regularly $299) with a $150 print credit.
This approach lowers the initial financial barrier for clients, which is one of the biggest keys to success with a boudoir photography sale.
You want them to experience the entire process–and wow them–before you ask them to spend thousands of dollars. This structure also enhances the perceived value of the entire experience. They feel like they’re getting so much for so little, and the $99 is immediately forgotten once it’s spent.
It is important to note that we have a minimum purchase requirement of $400, so all sale clients will have to pay an additional $400 at a minimum. With the print credit, this is a value of $550 for just $400. This minimum purchase requirement ensures that all of our costs are covered, even if they do not buy anything else.
Knowing your numbers is essential when planning your sale to ensure all of your costs are covered.

Yes, You Need to do In-Person Sales (IPS)

IPS significantly boosts both the client experience and your studio’s profitability. Hosting a viewing for your clients allows you to guide them through the selection process in a personal and consultative manner, consistently hyping them up and creating desire for their images, leading to higher sales averages.
The key to a successful IPS process is to establish trust with the client and set expectations from the moment of booking. We never hide the fact that most clients spend $1000-$2000 with some spending even more. It’s important to let them know that we offer in house payment plans to help them acquire all of the images they love.
We provide a TON of valuable information to them during the pre-session period, including their creative consultation, a new what to wear guide, nurturing email sequences, and plenty of check ins!
All of this will reassure them in their decision to work with you, making the experience a seamless and enjoyable one. By the time clients view their images, they are more prepared to appreciate the value of their transformation, and they often make very substantial purchases.

Efficient Processes For Your Sales

During a high-traffic sale period, ease in booking is so important.
Using a booking system like Acuity Scheduling or Calendly can prevent common pitfalls such as double bookings or missed appointments. But more importantly, a booking system automates the booking process so that you don’t waste your time chasing down leads that won’t ever book.
These systems help you by simplifying the booking process. It allows clients to reserve their sessions during an emotional high—right when they are most excited about the offer.
All you have to do is drive traffic to that page, give them the coupon code, and you’re living your life while the sales roll in.

Overcoming the Inevitable Objections

Handling objections is an integral part of any sale. I highly recommend you do an instagram story or a FAQ page with answers to common objections.
But I do want to address one specific situation that will likely come up for your boudoir photography sale: clients who booked before your sale announcement and then request to be included in the promotion.
To handle this, we offer them the print credit to maintain goodwill without setting a precedent that all prices are negotiable.
Make sure the terms and conditions of your sales are clearly communicated upfront to avoid most issues. For example, during our recent rebranding giveaway, one of the terms was that clients with previously booked sessions on the calendar are not eligible. We made sure to clearly lay this out and it’s not been an issue whatsoever!

Driving Traffic To Your Sale Through Effective Marketing

The success of your sale relies on effective marketing. Start building anticipation with early teasers to your mailing list, followed by regular teasers through emails and social media. Share more as the sale gets closer. You’re really trying to create desire so that when the sale goes live, they’re ready to book.
We also use client testimonials, details of the offer, behind-the-scenes video content, and educational reels to engage our audience. As the sale approaches, we intensify the urgency with countdowns, posts intended to create FOMO, and frequent updates to maximize bookings.
Remember, your goal is to show your potential client that there is going to be an opportunity to save a lot of money AND get the thing they really want. They just have to take action.

Maximizing Your Boudoir Photography Sale

A boudoir photography sale isn’t just about discounted sessions. It’s about creating a luxurious experience that excites and empowers clients, encouraging them to invest not just in photos, but in a feeling of beauty and confidence.
Now, you have to do the legwork to create your sale. Plan your offer carefully, set up the necessary systems, and you’ll be ready to not just meet but exceed your sales goals, ensuring that your clients love their experience and share it with others!
By the way, to make this easier, I’ve actually created a mini course called Blueprint to a $10K Annual Sale. This annual sale is how I get booked out MONTHS in advance. It’s how I fill in my schedule during slow seasons, and help ensure cash flow in the meantime. Make your next sale easy with the Blueprint!

Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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Sales Strategy As A Boudoir Photographer | Tracy Lynn Coaching | See more at

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