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3 Tips for Running a Succesful Boudoir Photography Sale

The dust has settled. It’s been a few weeks since Black Friday — and my coaching clients inside of 6-Figures Simplified have sent in their results! 

In total, over 120 sessions were booked! And those are just the results that I heard of (I’m still waiting on feedback from a few more people.) To say I’m a proud coach is a MAJOR understatement.

But here’s the thing, these photographers have been prepping for MONTHS. It didn’t happen overnight.

So, today, I want to talk about the three things they did that helped them run a successful boudoir photography sale. Even if you’re ready this long after Black Friday is over, you can still apply these tips to your next big sale!


Photography Sale Tip #1: Hype up Your Audience

The first thing that my photography coaching clients did was make sure their audience was excited about the sale. A warm-up period before your sale goes live is so important. To have a successful sale, people need to actually know about it. 

But this warm-up period may look a little different depending on your own personal preferences for your biz.

Some of my coaching clients tease their sales quite a bit. We’re talking every single day leading up to the sale! They’re on their stories talking about, posting about it, sending emails about it. And it works for them! 

I generally only have one email and one social post letting my audience know it’s coming. And it’s because I’ve had this sale every year at the same time since 2017. My clients expect it, so a long warm-up period isn’t really necessary.

But in the beginning, the more you talk about it, the better!

Photography Sale Tip #2: Prep Your Marketing a Month in Advance

The second thing that my photography coaching clients did was make sure all of their marketing was created, and scheduled, ONE MONTH before everything went live. 

Having everything done well ahead of when it actually launches means far fewer last-minute fixes, or missing any mistakes because you’re rushing. 

Here’s what you can usually expect to prepare for a major sale like Black Friday:

    • Set up a coupon code: Most of my clients are already using online booking software, so this part was pretty easy for them. But you still need to check to see if it works!
    • Create a landing page: You need somewhere to store all the sale details and links to the booking platform. (P.S. — check to make sure those links work!) 
  • Create your warm-up emails.
  • Create your warm-up social media posts.
  • Create emails FOR the sale period: This usually consists of four emails to remind people about the sale!
  • Create social media posts about the sale: Same as above.

During the sale period, I recommend structuring your email sequence like this: 

  • Email #1: Day one of the sale. 
  • Email #2: Day two of the sale.  
  • Email #3: 24 hours before the sale ends.
  • Email #4: Last call on the last day of the sale. 

As far as social media, I’ll be honest — all I do is repurpose my emails into social media posts and then share them a few times in my stories. This is mainly because most of my leads come from my email marketing, so I’d rather focus more attention on the emails. 

But you can go as in-depth on social media as you’d like!

Photography Sale Tip #3: Let Your Sales Handle Themselves

The third thing that my photography coaching clients did was have their sales ready to handle themselves when it was go time. 

Having time off when I want it is something that I highly value, and is a non-negotiable for me. I want the same thing for my clients, too. 

That’s why prescheduling promo materials and setting up your sale in a way that it can manage itself is so important. 

You want to provide as much information anywhere you can, so there are no lingering questions you need to be around to answer. (Of course, you don’t want to be completely off the radar during a big sale just in case something goes awry. But the goal is to minimize those interruptions as much as possible!)

Be as clear on the landing page as possible. Check that all the technology (coupon codes, checkout, CRM for scheduling and invoices, etc.) works ahead of time. Automating your client onboarding experience. Things like that. 

Trust me — having this taken care of is so worth the work you put into it!

Learn more about running a successful boudoir photography sale!

If you only get one thing from this episode, I want you to understand that PREPPING for your sales is the MOST important thing you can do. 

But if you feel like you didn’t have the sale you had hoped for, I don’t want you to worry about it, or decide that you shouldn’t ever do one again. Instead, I’d like to invite you to check out my Blueprint to a $10K Annual Sale.

Twice a year I run a sale using this blueprint. One is my Semi-Annual Sale, which I hold over Memorial Day weekend, and the other one is my black Friday sale.

These two sales are how I keep from ever having a slow season. And I run them exactly the same! In the Blueprint to a $10K Annual Sale, I’ll show you how to make a PLAN to run your sales like that too. 

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Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

Learn exactly how to book out your photography schedule WITHOUT paid ads, model calls, or Facebook groups.

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Learn exactly how to book out your photography schedule without paid ads, model calls, or Facebook groups.

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