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032. T Marie Creative Co: $28K/Year to $100K/Year in Less than 10 Months

032. T Marie Creative Co: $28K/Year to $100K/Year in Less than 10 Months // Sustainable Freedom with Photography Podcast hosted by Tracy Lynn of Tracy Lynn Coaching and Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

Tanya of T Marie Creative Co is a TLC Coaching client, and possibly one of my favorite boudoir growth journeys I’ve been able to share with you so far.  She is an accountant turned a boudoir photographer from Las Vegas, and she’s come so far in a very short time. 

In 2022, Tanya hit her first 6-figures WHILE taking about 6 weeks off over the summer to travel. That’s the definition of sustainable freedom, right? 

In this episode we’re talking about marketing strategy, the importance of education, what’s working in her business, what hasn’t been working, and so much more.

We also discuss how we met through Marissa, one of my favorite clients and Tanya’s very close friends. Marissa passed away in July 2022, but she touched both or our lives in such a huge way.

Tanya’s Photography niche 

“I’m really good at taking pictures of women, and making them feel beautiful, and giving them this extra confidence boost.” 

This statement Tanya shares with us resonated with me so well. 

Boudoir photography isn’t for everyone, but Tanya tells us how found her niche in boudoir photography early on. She quickly realized it would not only change her life, but the women who left her studio after a session. 

In this episode, she also shared with us what she does on the “hard days” (because we all have them) to remind her of her love for photography.

Business + Powerful knowledge

As Tanya and I discuss her business journey with T Marie Creative Co, she shares with us that she has an accounting background, but when it comes to her own business and her own money, numbers and percentages have a whole new meaning. 

Tanya shares a statement that I hear so often with clients. “I was wasting so much time before…editing images, guessing, spending money on things I didn’t need to. Small things like that you don’t even think about add up.” 

She opened up to us about how having a coach helped her in many aspects of her business, and how, at times, it was even just that little push she needed to try something new or step out of her comfort zone. She also talks about what pushed her to personally reach out to a coach, and how important it was to not let her ego get in the way of business success l with the help of a coach. 

Dedication, Confidence, & Boundaries. 

These three words are HUGE to Tanya. She shares with us why these words are so meaningful to her. 

“They will eat you alive in this industry without boundaries,” Tanya states. 

This was a huge learning curve for Tanya when building her business. Learning to set boundaries helped Tanya build T Marie Creative into a six figure business WHILE maintaining sustainable freedom. 

Upgrades offered more opportunity 

T Marie’s new studio is AMAZING! Vegas is one of a kind so having a studio that offered something special was something Tanya had in mind. 

Tanya shared with us some of the awesome aspects of T Marie Creative Co’s new studio and how she can offer a more creative and individual experience for each and every client, such as her night shoots called “After Dark”. 

Follow T Marie Creative Co

I’ve really enjoyed working with Tanya this past year and can’t wait to see her business hit that next level and beyond.

Follow Tanya on Instagram.


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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