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Download the ONE PAGE Marketing Strategy to book photography clients (without using Facebook Ads)


TLC Spreadsheet Bundle (1 Niche)


Full-Time Formula
My Full-Time Formula is the FOUNDATION for a successful photography business. Use this spreadsheet to plan your entire year. You will know:

  • Your total revenue
  • How many clients you need each year
  • Your schedule
  • Sales Average goal

This information will help you create a price list to literally hit your goals in the coming year.

Budget Blueprint
To own a successful business, you have to know where every single dollar goes in your business.

Use this Budget Blueprint Spreadsheet monthly so you “know your numbers” and can start ACTING like a business owner.

Plus your accountant will love you even more!

Long-Term Budget Blueprint
To own a successful business, you have to know where every single dollar goes in your business–but step one is to CREATE a budget.

Use this Long-Term Budget Blueprint Spreadsheet to set your goals each year–with a strategy.

Photography Pricing Calculator
The no brainer way to price your photography products and services.

Use this Photography Pricing Calculator so you can go into EVERY sales session with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in your pricing.

Seriously. This calculator tells you exactly what you need to price your products at. You’ll never wonder again!

Sales Average Spreadsheet
Sales Averages are important so you know if you’re price list is working.

But THIS sales average spreadsheeet is even better because it gives you MORE information.

Use this Sales Average Spreadsheet to find out if you have a pricing OR marketing issue AND find out what your bookng conversion rate is vs. your consultation booking rate.

With this spreadsheet, you will know EXACTLY where the problem is in your business.

And that means, you will catch a problem EARLY!

Affiliate Tracker
Affiliate relationships are so important in businesses, especially photography.

Use this Affiliate Tracking Spreadsheet to know EXACTLY who is your best referral source so you can continue to nurture the most important relationships!

Instagram Analytics Tracker
Instagram is a GREAT way to book amazing photography clients.

So, it’s time to take it super seriously.

Use this spreadsheet every month to know exactly how your Instagram efforts are going so you can adjust as needed.

Website Analytics Tracker
All of your marketing efforts should be DRIVERS to your website.

Which makes tracking your website traffic even more important.

Use this spreadsheet every month to know exactly where your traffic is coming from so you can adjust accordingly!

TLC Blog Formula
Blogging is more than just throwing up some pretty photos and a few nice words about your client.

It’s the BEST way to get new website traffic.

But it’s more than that. It’s also a way to education your clients on exactly what you want them to know before they ever step foot into your studio.

Use this template to take your website, SEO, AND studio to a totally different level!


  • All the spreadsheets above
  • Instructional Video
  • Next Step Recommendations

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