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Stop Making These Instagram Mistakes as Photographers

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Stop Making These 4 Instagram Mistakes as a Photographer

I know social media can feel pretty hard to keep up with lately. Things have changed SO MUCH since the early days of Instagram — like when everything was heavily filtered! And it seems like it’s all changing left and right. 

Most notably…the dreaded algorithm and the song and dance you have to do to keep it happy, right?

But just because there’s more to think about now, doens’t mean Instagram can’t be a valuable tool in your boudoir business. If you know how to strategically make it work for YOU, it can definitely help you drive the results you’re after and build a profitable boudoir biz

And no…that doesn’t mean hopping on all the viral Reel trends either. In fact, there are ways you can do this that will still help your photography skills and business know-how shine. 

Want to know how? Keep reading to find out what you can do to minimize Instagram mistakes as a photographer.

Tip #1: Focus on Building a Community

Something I see so many photographers miss out on is the chance to build a community with their following. Especially boudoir photographers! 

Listen, boudoir is an intimate experience. People are practically posing naked in front of a stranger. 

So it’s really important that potential clients can develop a sense of trust and connection with you so they feel comfortable and safe during their sessions. And that starts WAY BEFORE the session even takes place!

But how can you expect to build those connections if you never spend time cultivating relationships? Instagram is a social media platform, and the best way to see results while using it is to be social.

Try to do the following as much as you can:

  • Reply to comments
  • Reply to DMs
  • Engage with other creator’s content
  • Explore how other creators are using the app (for inspiration, and to understand what your audience is seeing)

Even doing this just a few times a week will make a HUGE difference.

Tip #2: Post Consistently

One of the worst things you can do for your business on Instagram is to post randomly and inconsistently. That’s a surefire way to lose your audience!

Why? Because it will be really hard to establish trust. They won’t know what they can expect from you. Or how they can learn from, be entertained by, or be inspired by you. And that definitely doesn’t help you book clients!

This allll works together to build up that connection I talked about earlier. Which as a boudoir photographer is HIGHLY important. 

Maybe you can’t post several times a week — or you can only post a handful of times each month. That’s okay! Whatever you can give, make sure it’s consistent. Create a posting cadence or schedule it on your calendar if you have to! Just start with something. 

Tip #3: Don’t Just Post Your Portfolio

Listen, I know Instagram is a highly visual platform, and because of that, it’s really easy to post your portfolio and call it a day. But that’s NOT what you want to do. Instagram is a social media platform, not an online portfolio!

You can still showcase your work, just make sure it’s more than that. If you can utilize all of the other types of content, too (Reels, stories, etc.), even better!

You’ll want to post different types of content to achieve different goals, too:

  • Visibility content: Show off your brand and what you’re about to bring new clients into the mix
  • Audience warmth content: Educate your audience about what you do, why you do it, and HOW you do it
  • Conversion content: Help lead people already in your following to book a session by showing the VALUE of what you do
  • Use stories and testimonials to convert clients: Social proof sells! And in this industry, word of mouth is important. 

This way, your clients get a more well-rounded view of your photography biz, and you can always meet them where they’re at. 

Tip #4: Use All the Features Instagram Has to Offer

If you’re only posting photos to your feed, you’re sleeping on so many opportunities to be seen!

When you do that, you’ve basically turned it into a portfolio. And those don’t inspire engagement. They’re great to show potential clients what you can give them, but again…Instagram isn’t JUST visual. It also needs to be engaging!

Experiment and try all the spaces within Instagram and see how your audience responds to them. Try new things with your photo posts, graphics, carousels, Reels, or stories (especially for community growth). 

And don’t forget to play with the different variations within those spaces, too:

  • Educational Reels or carousels
  • Behind-the-scenes images
  • Inspirational graphics
  • Stories where you share business updates or client testimonials

One more thing — don’t forget to note what helps inspire your creativity, too! A marketing strategy that your audience not only responds to, but that you enjoy working on, will be much easier to stay consistent with!

Join My Upcoming Webinar for Even More Instagram Tips!

At its core, the Instagram algorithm is designed to serve users quality content based on engagement and trends. So if you want your content to be seen by people, you need to please the algorithm and create engaging content that fits in on Instagram!

But it’s not all bad! Once you find your groove, you’re probably going to be pleasantly surprised at the results it drives. (Speaking from personal experience here!)

But if you want to build up your Insta-knowledge before diving in head first, come join my FREE Instagram webinar! In it, I’ll teach you how to leverage Instagram to increase your brand reach, warm up your audience, and poise it all to convert. 

Which means instead of chasing down bookings, you have your ideal clients running to work with you. Pretty great, right?

Let’s make sure Instagram is worth all the time and effort you’re putting into it! Learn more or sign up here!


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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