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The Simple Secret to Finding and Attracting Clients

The Super Simple Secret to Finding and Attracting Clients- See more at

In my Dm’s everyday, business owners tell me they struggle with finding the right clients and it really stresses them out.  That’s why I want to go over the super simple secret to not only find the right clients, but also attract them, all while decreasing your stress levels.  

Like I said, it’s super simple… and it’s something that nobody seems to realize OR teach in business.  But before I talk about this secret specifically, I want to talk about how and why I struggled with it for so long.

Before I was a photographer, I was a dental hygienist.   On evenings and weekends, I worked my photography business, trying to find clients, shoot sessions, retouch photos, all the things.  I did EVERY type of photogrpahy I could. Weddings, seniors, boudoir, family, kids, newborns, cake shoots, even sports.  It didn’t matter who you were, if you wanted to pay me for a session, I was your girl.

Honestly, I didn’t have time to do anything I truly enjoyed because I was constantly working. At one point, I didn’t even go to a barrel race for well over a year.  And even though I was busy, I wasn’t making ANY money.  In fact, every time I handed my books to my accountant, she said that this business was such a GREAT write off…. 

But I didn’t want it to be a write off.  I wanted to leave my 9-5. I wanted to be my own boss, travel the country, ride my horse…

And I didn’t want to freaking clean teeth anymore.  

You’re not alone if you are struggling with anything I’m about to talk about.

If you’re struggling with any of these, please don’t feel bad because, you aren’t alone.  I struggled with exactly what I’m talking about today for far longer than I want to admit.  That’s exactly why I’m talking about this right now. I don’t want the same thing to happen to you.  So as you read through this, don’t feel bad.  That’s why we’re here today, so you can see what you’re doing, get unstuck, and make shit happen.

The secret to finding and attracting clients is actually super simple.

Like I mentioned above, I was always struggling with attracting clients and booking them. Or I THOUGHT that was my problem I should say. Do you feel the same?  

Honestly, it makes sense.  All over Instagram, blogs, podcasts, inside courses, we are spoon fed information about how to find more clients.  So much so that we think that that’s our problem.

In reality, what we need to do is just be strategic.   I mean it’s cool if you have this huge audience and you have a bucket overflowing with potential clients.  

Bucket full of the wrong clients. See more at

But are these potential clients the types of clients you really want? 

Or are they the super nit picky ones.  You know the ones that ask for edit after edit after edit.  No matter what you do you just can’t make them happy.  Aren’t those the ones we actually dread?  They always want what we offer, but at the cheapest rate possible.

Attracting clients like that isn’t the goal!

Do we really want a bucket full of those people?  

I don’t right now and I know I didn’t back when I was definitely attracting them.

And I doubt you want them either.  When we have a bucket overflowing with 20 clients who are taking advantage of our time, not respecting boundaries, paying lower price, we have no personal time left!

Remember that’s where I was and I want you to know that is not the way you want to live.

What we need to do instead is FILTER the right people. 

 We need to turn on a filter so we’re attracting the right people.  We want the people who love what we do.  The ones who are willing to pay whatever we want to charge. 

If we’re attracting clients like that, we can start working with 5 clients and making the same amount of money.

And these clients aren’t trying to micromanage everything.  Instead, they trust what we do and that we’re the expert and know what the heck we’re doing.

So you see it’s not all about finding clients… It’s about finding the right clients.

Filter out the wrong clients so you have time for the right clients. See more at

What’s the easiest way to do this.

First we have to know how many clients our schedule can even handle.  Owning a business is not worth the trouble and stress if you don’t get to enjoy your life at the same time.

If we know how many clients we can work with, we can then create a price list that allows us to make the money we want to make.  After we’ve created this price list, we work on attracting clients, the ones we actually want to work with and love serving.

There are more than enough clients for everyone.

I want you guys to know that there are more than enough clients out there for everyone. If you have the right marketing plan and the right pricing, then you can totally build a business that you love, that supports the life you want to live.  Then, you can spend more time with your family or traveling.  You can build your dream home.  

With the right business plan, you can have whatever you truly want out of life.

My DM’s are always open.

If you’re sick of trying to figure this out on your own, or you want to talk about where you are right now and how to get to the point where you’re booking the right clients all the time, please know my DM’s are always open and I would love to chat. 

AND… DM me for a VIP link to attend my first ever interactive workshop where we will learn how to find the right clients at the right price together.

The Super Simple Secret to Finding and Attracting Clients. See more at


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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