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039. Five Reasons Blogging for Photographers Is Not Dead

039. Five Reasons Blogging for Photographers Is Not Dead | see more at

Is blogging for dead for photographers? Long story short, no it’s definitely not for so many reasons-five to be exact.

Blogging for photographers 

I’ve been blogging for seven years now, and I definitely didn’t know what I was doing to begin with.

Blogging takes time, patience, and knowledge to master, especially when writing for SEO purposes. 

It’s specifically is a long-game strategy, with short-term benefits.

It’s not about your portfolio; it is a strategic way to have long-term success for years to come within your photography business. 

1. Increasing your website views with blogging 

You can increase your website views easily through blogging. Strategy in your blog posts is very important when you’re thinking about SEO, or search engine optimization, specifically. After all, we want to rank on google.

Next week, with guest McKayla Spencer, we take a deep dive into SEO, so you’ll definitely want to tune in for that episode. 

Mastering SEO within your blogs will help you rank much higher within search engines.

2. Awareness of client questions

When discussing blogging for photographers, understanding and awareness of your clients’ possible questions is vital. Because I’ve been in the industry for so long, I typically know exactly what my clients want to ask–or even what they need to ask, but don’t know they need to know. 

039. Five Reasons Blogging for Photographers Is Not Dead | see more at

It’s crucial to be aware of your clients’ questions and use them to your benefit. 

3. Prepping  your clients 

Once you’ve been aware of client questions and concerns, you can put your blogs to work for your benefit. 

Being able to send your clients directly to your website and know your blogs will answer most of their questions is a huge relief. 

Blogging for photographers is a huge win and will always work for you, if written correctly. 

Who wants to repeat themselves over and over daily when a simple blog could do all the heavy lifting for you? 

4. Education through blogging 

Spending days on end explaining to every client why they want albums or why they may want this or that–personally, I don’t enjoy that.

I want my clients to be knowledgeable coming into their sessions, even to the point of exactly what to expect out of their session. 

Blogging for photographers can do just that because you are educating your clients on all aspects of the experience.  You’re teaching them to be a good client.

5. Building relationships 

Blogging goes beyond just words on your website. It can help you build relationships with vendors, which drives your views even higher. 

Blogging can benefit photographers and other vendors that you may already work with or may work with in the future. 

As photographers, we all need to be blogging.

We all use google almost daily. And the best clients also come from google. They have their credit card out and are ready to spend money.

For this reason, blogging for photographers is absolutely not dead.  In fact, it’s something we all need to be doing.


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.

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