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Download the ONE PAGE Marketing Strategy to book photography clients (without using Facebook Ads)

041. How Important Is Your Photography Website? | TLC Education

041. How Important Is Your Photography Website? | TLC Education | See more at

I see it often with photographers; they set up their social media and photography website with all their pretty photos and wait for bookings to roll in. 

When those bookings don’t start rolling in, the big question is why, what’s wrong with my website, why is my website traffic so low, and what do I need to change to help my website drive bookings? 

Today’s episode covers exactly why your website is not bringing in the bookings you expected. 

I share with you how you can run a business without Facebook ads, without Facebook groups, without any paid marketing strategies, and without running model calls, especially in the boudoir industry. 

The what and whys of a high-converting photography website

Your photography website is extremely important. 

A high-converting website is a website that takes a lead into a client very quickly. 

All your traffic should be driven to your website, which, if created purposefully, should have two goals:

  1. Booking clients
  2. Subscribing to your email list 

In today’s episode, I cover exactly how vital your website is and how you can reach and attain the two goals of a high-converting photography website. 

Ten Blog post Ideas for Photographers

I have spent two weeks covering a blog’s importance and how they drive traffic to your high-converting photography website.

Listen to today’s episode to learn about the ten blog post ideas for photographers I cover and why they will benefit your photography business and your website. 

Ten blog posts ideas for photographers I cover are:

  • What to wear 
  • Prep tips; what to bring to your session
  • Pre tips the week before your session
  • Choosing (your city), your type of photography photographer
  • What to do with the photos after a session
  • Vendo recommendations
  • What to wear (linking amazon storefront if you have one)
  • Where to shop, adding in local vendors
  • Digitals vs. wall portraits vs. albums
  • Session experience

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is not used explicitly for sales but keeps you top of mind for clients, future clients, and leads. 

We want to drive traffic to your photography website. 

The way to do that is with testimonials, beautiful photos, and just staying in front of them all the time through email marketing.

Listen in on today’s episode to hear my tips, tricks, and strategies for email marketing.

Networking Events

We need to get in front of people, and what better way to accomplish that than networking events?  

Networking events are beneficial for being in front of the correct type of clients. 

I share with you how these events can benefit you and your email list and even how hosting a networking event can book multiple clients quickly.  

All aspects of your business should point directly to your high-converting photography website. 

You should look at your website and decide if your photography website converts a lead into a booking. If it doesn’t, how can you improve?

If your photography website doesn’t do those two things, you need to build your high-converting photography website and then work on your traffic drivers. 

Download your copy of my one-page marketing strategy to drive leads without using Facebook ads!

Get your hands on everyone’s favorite freebie– 5 Tips to Book Photography Clients Without Using Facebook Ads. 


Tracy Lynn is a boudoir photogapher for brides-to-be in the St. Louis area, and a mentor + coach for photographers looking to level up their businesses with better systems and processes.


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